Episode Nine, "Know When to Fold"

Grey's Anatomy may be imploding before our eyes, what with ghost sex and rumors of original cast members quitting, but something's kicked into gear over on that other show Shonda Rhimes created. This week's episode is a pleasant surprise — and is exactly the kind of show I've known Private Practice could be: funny, moving, thoroughly entertaining, sexy.

My basic conclusion is that when this show focuses more on the doctors in the practice than on trying to drum up crazy patient stories, the whole thing improves. In this episode we see the main cast members mixing it up with each other - the ladies dishing about sex in the opening, Sam and Pete on a medical case together, Cooper and Dell in a heart-to-heart, Dell and Naomi, the team meeting, etc. Oh and let's not forget Violet and Pete! OMG! So here's my question about that: When Sheldon first approaches Sam and Pete at the breakfast buffet about Violet, and Pete gets all protective ("Violet's one of our women - they took our floor, they are not taking our women, too") Sam asks if Pete is jealous as if that would be totally normal. Do you guys recall Violet and Pete ever dating? I don't. Strange. But whatever, I like them together. I really hope it doesn't turn out to be some kind of momentary comfort hookup kind of thing because I think they'd be a cute couple. Plus, that would lead to all kinds of awesome drama.

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