Obsessed is Back! Season 2 Premiere Review

A&E is my favorite channel for fascinating shows like Obsessed that take us viewers into the nitty gritty inside lives of the real people. While I didn't get to watch much of the first season of Obsessed, what I did see was most definitely going above and beyond my expectations of fascinating and very original reality television. (But I will say in almost all seriousness, I think this very real reality show should be crossed with the very fake reality show of MTV's The Hills considering Heidi and Spencer's recent behavior!)

But enough of that and on to the real stories we got to see in the Season 2 premiere of Obsessed! The season started out following Graham, a young dad obsessed with cleaning up "contamination" he felt on his body and in his house after being around anyone or anything related to the ways of his past of drinking and drugs caused by his alcoholic father. We were also following Cindee, a mother of five obsessed with exercising constantly.

The tough part of A&E's shows like Obsessed is the gritty reality of the featured people's obsessions. While they are fascinating peeks into human life, they're also peeks into some serious human suffering which honestly can be a little much to handle sometimes. But, having learned from pervious Obsessed episodes that the people go through extensive therapy throughout the episode and then make progress by the end, that light at the end of the tunnel makes it easier to focus on the person's journey.

I found the most painful part of this episode to be watching Cindee fall apart during her "exposure," as the therapists call it, where the therapist had her run on her treadmill, aka addiction, then cut her off and had her sit with that feeling. But while it was almost physically painful to watch her go through that on the viewer side of it, as well as see Graham truly suffer from his exposure to a friend of his dark past, both of them made such amazing and wonderful progress by the end of their therapy that this episode made me hooked and waiting for the next episode to hopefully see such amazing progress in other painful and completely intriguing cases.

If you caught the premiere, what'd you think? If you were a huge fan first season, how did the start of Season 2 compare?

Don't forget to catch all new episodes of Obsessed every Monday at 10/9c on A&E!


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