Chuck Sandwich with a Side of Forbidden Romance

It was a Chuck sandwich last night on NBC which meant, for some reason, NBC likes to double up their new shows' final pre-strike episodes for the fun of it.

We saw this a while ago with Journeyman and Life, now we get it so much more cleverly delivered with this adorable Chuck sandwich.

This was not only the plus of a double Chuck episode, but the Chuck cast chatting with us during multiple commercial breaks throughout both Chucks and the sandwiched episode of The Celebrity Apprentice.

So Chuck was happily received last night as it was definitely great to have this lovable new show come back with some new action and secrets in the field of Chuck's new spy life as well as some intriguing action and secrets of Casey's life!

It's about time.

We've discovered Sarah is a real person due to her feelings for Chuck despite her professional relationship with him, as well as her relationship with Brice. But we never once have gotten to think that maybe Casey was more than a distant, sarcastic, man of steel. That is except for his moments of bothering to keep Chuck safe even when that's not his main objective.

So turns out Casey's got a girlfriend... ooo! A super hot lying French agent, at that. And Chuck, being his adorable caring self, left her name off the list when he flashed on all the Russian bad guys gathered at the LA hotel. But he sure didn't hide from prying into Casey's ex "sugar bear" days asap.

It seems Casey has a heart that actually cared when he thought this lover-girl he met at a flower shop in Rome had died in an explosion outside of their hotel. But now she's back! Or at least for last night's episode. So Casey got a little bit more romance back in his life after sorting out all the issue over her getting married to the head of the Russian operation and making sure she didn't get killed when the guy found out she was a French spy.

Then after all of that drama and excitement, we got another new episode! And this time, it was all about commitment and a giant wall fish named Marlin.

To sum it up, Captain Awesome decided he was ready to ask Ellie to marry him, and entrusted Chuck with his great-grandmother's ring for Ellie. This ring ended up on the finger of a pita-girl posing spy who planted bugs in the Buy More to figure out the deal with Chuck.

This all led to Sarah and a team robbing the Buy More of absolutely everything, except for Marlin, who the drunken idiots of the Nerd Herd squad stole as a joke. Which turned out to the exactly where the bug was.

So, Sarah fights the pita girl, pita girl gets the fish and locks Sarah in her store's freezer, pita girl finds Chuck, Casey saves Sarah who then finds Chuck who was taken away by a government guy ready to keep Chuck safe in an underground bunker - aka he would "disappear" since his cover had been blown by pita girl.

Then after pita girl shows up and shoots the government guy, pita girl, Sarah, and Ellie's ring all end up in a giant garbage dump which Chuck then searches through all night for the ring which he finally finds and gives to Captain Awesome who proposes to an over-joyed Ellie.

Amidst all this, we also had Morgan freaking out about his "life partner" Chuck having an engagement ring that Morgan thought was for Sarah, and Captain Awesome ended up at a no-pants poker party after having a fight with Ellie which led him to realizing his life was, um, not as good without Ellie.

It was wonderful to have Chuck back at least for a night, and definitely great to get this double dose! It looks like there are some changes in the future for Chuck's family, but now that it's gotten so close to Chuck having to disappear, how long can he stay in his life? It seems like Sarah and Casey don't think that can last, so we can only wait until we can get more new Chuck to see how Chuck's teetering life continues.

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