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This week's Burn Notice episode, Question & Answer, is decidedly my favorite Burn Notice episode besides the extra-juiced up premieres and finales!

Even premieres and finales included, I think this was one of the best episodes. While we usually get to enjoy a fun Michael Westen undercover alias, it's easy to quickly get used to his 'character of the week' before the episode is over, and then find the main entertainment fully on the action that unfolds because of whatever job he's working on, or because of his personal mission advancements.

But this time, we got not only a Michael Westen alias, but a rare Sam Axe alias as well, and the way they played off each other was fantastic! This week, Michael was guilted into helping a guy who got mixed up in some trouble get his kidnapped son back. This led to an elaborate performance including Sam as a dirty cop, and Michael as a dumb message boy, or something of that nature.

It was pretty great to see Sam jump into the bad guy's car after pulling him over as a cop to take drugs and then make a deal with the guy that the guy could question some "random dude" Sam had arrested, aka the amazingly dumbed down Michael Westen.

While Michael has played a dumb guy in various capacities before (from a slow-talking drunk Texan to a clueless sniffling lawyer), this particular dumb guy was a very endearing and especially well-played character by Jeffrey Donovan to the point that I thought he should really play a whole movie in that character.

But I digress. It was great to see the tension of Sam beating up Michael to make their story believable vs. the tension of Sam keeping with his story of him having to be the one to hit Michael instead of the bad guy they dragged in.

It was also great to see the bromance duo work the whole Michael getting questioned situation into the bad guy giving all the information they needed about where the kidnapped boy was - but not without Michael getting a few extra hits and almost getting taken out onto the road and shot.

But hey, without the possibility of Michael bleeding and/or getting shot, it's not the Burn Notice we know and love!

So of course, they saved the kid and wrapped up the episode with a rejoined happy family, but also some more intriguing personal drama for Michael including sexy guest star Moon Bloodgood as a detective all over Michael for a very suspicious incident including multiple cars blowing up. Now we may have been left with Michael saying he wasn't the detective's type, but wow was there some intriguing chemistry and tension between Michael and the detective, and even more so for Fiona concerning the sexy detective!

Now I don't expect Michael to have the stupidity to slip into dating the detective, but the tease and whatever else it causes for Michael and Fiona is something that has me impatiently awaiting next week's episode!

So what did you think? Were you with me on loving this episode, or are you hoping for better next week?


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Jun 13, 2009 4:18AM EDT

Oh definately loving the episode. I'm quite into this show and feel all the characters (whether being themselves or cover IDs) really work fantastically together and this new detective in the mix should spice things up. I'm also excited to see what other enemies from Michael's past are going to pop up now he's back on all agency radars and they now he's in Miami. Will the Management have to step in once again?
An of course, what will happen with Michael and Fiona now that Detective Paxon and Mr Westen are getting involved in a sex-charged-cat-and-mouse-game? I know what Austin Powers would do, but he doesn't hold a candle to Michael Westen.
Looking forward to a great season as Burn Notice just keeps getting better and better for me. Maybe at the end of this season we could have a Sidereel: Top 10 Michael Westen Undercover Stories?lol.

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