The Moment of Truth: To Rubberneck or Not to Rubberneck?

FOX's new game show, The Moment of Truth premiered last night, promoting itself as the most controversial game show ever as it hooks up contestants to a lie detector then asks them more and more personal and probing questions.

On the premiere, the first contestant up was a personal trainer who's wife and two friends came along.

Throughout the questions, he admitted, for the sake of a grand prize of $500,000 if you answer all the questions truthfully, enough that quite honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if his wife left him and he lost his job.

Really. Now here's a great game show. Okay, so it was a bit interesting to watch, but pretty much just painful and terrible.

This first guy admitted to hitting at least one person's car without leaving a note, skipping work when he wasn't really sick, that he thought a friend has hit on his wife, that he's sneaked a peek at other men in the locker room showers, and the reason he and his wife haven't started a family yet is that he doesn't think she's his final life partner.

Oh, but wait! This guy didn't quite make it to the $500,000... but why? He'd been ridiculously honest and shameless so far! Well, he lied about never touching a female client more than was necessary for his training job.

And there we have it folks: the game show ruining lives for people across the country! Let's see how long this one lasts. I know America enjoys watching intense money prize shows like Deal or No Deal, but that's because of the drama of it and while there's plenty of disappointment, most likely the worst that could happen to a person because of it is they walk away with only $0.01.

So next week for The Moment of Truth? Contestant #2 from last night will continue. He's already admitted to having a gambling problem, but what will happen when his son gets to guest star as the questioner and asks, "Have you ever gambled away one of your children's college funds?"

So, if you missed The Moment of Truth, it just may be the next Deal or No Deal, or it may tank immediately when people realize they have moral issues with watching it. I'm not quite sure if it's the kind of intriguing car wreck you can't look away from or if it's just plain awful.

We'll see how it continues, so I suppose I could cautiously say check it out if you don't mind watching trust and love fall apart into disastrous doubt sure to spiral into tears and yelling asap upon these contestants' return home!

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