The Office 5.24 'Casual Friday' Review - Featured

This week's episode of The Office brought a much expected, but still exciting, return, a throwback to some unappreciated Michael jokes, and the hilariousness that is the secret warehouse meeting! We also got the pleasure of some extremely awkward casual Friday clothing moments, the worst of which, as usual, was brought to us by the always inappropriate Meredith!

So we started out with yes, that expected return of Michael, Pam, and Ryan back to the Scranton Dunder Mifflin office, but done only in the ridiculous ways of Michael Scott as he entered the office circus-style with him announcing himself behind a circular paper thing that he burst through, once he could break it, that is. He then proceeded to hold his first meeting back as the boss, not to catch up with what's been going on in the office, but to wait for apologies from all the salespeople who did not follow him to Michael Scott Paper. No, no, he didn't want them slitting their wrists for him or breaking down with their heartfelt remorse, just a simple little "sorry," that was all.

But of course, none of the office would have it, and instead launched into complaints about the many inappropriate "Casual Friday" outfits.

Then among all that hilarious drama, we had the ex-Michael Scott Paper company fighting it out with the Dunder Mifflin employees from whom they stole clients. We had Michael saying those stolen clients were still Pam and Ryan's and the rest of the salespeople saying the Michael Scott Paper Company was bought out, so the clients should go back to their original salespeople. And so comes the first of the secret warehouse meetings led by Dwight wishing for the salespeople to revolt against Michael's decisions, and noting that he thought Michael and Pam had something going on during their time away, and no, Jim could not address that.

I loved seeing Dwight in his usual conspiracy glory, digging up trouble anywhere he could find it, and also seeing Phyllis set Pam straight about where they stood after Pam had stolen her clients - while they were wearing the same outfit.

But most dramatic of all?? After Michael's secret meeting giving the Dunder Mifflin salespeople their clients back, he realized they didn't have enough work to keep both Pam and Ryan on as salespeople. Who would he choose?? His man crush or his ex-secretary crush?? Oh the suspense! And again, here came Michael up to his old tricks pretending like he was firing Pam. (Hey, remember when he did that maybe first season making Ryan the new temp play along while Pam cried?)

But hooray! Pam got the job! I was afraid this Pam progress would get entirely shot if Michael kept Ryan and gave Pam her receptionist job back, but thankfully, Pam's progress is still on the move and since B.J. Novak (Ryan) is a writer on the show, it's much more okay if he comes and goes for the sake of the office drama!

I'm really looking forward to seeing how Pam does as a salesperson at Dunder Mifflin and to see how all the competition works out for her with everyone, including Jim! So what did you think of 'Casual Friday'? What are your predictions for the upcoming final episodes of the season?

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