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Happy Parents' Day: Vote for TV's Ultimate Worst Parents! - Featured

The results are in! See who won SideReel's Ultimate Worst TV Parent Award:

Happy Parents' Day: And TV's Ultimate Worst Parent Is...

In honor of Sunday's Parents' Day and a great, but non-winning category from the SideReel Flunkies, we asked you and your fellow Reelers who you thought qualified as the worst parents on TV!

Below is the list of the Top 10 most nominated parents. Check out who made the list, then vote for who you think is the worst parent or worst set of parents to win the crown for SideReel's Worst TV Parent(s)!

Weeds - Nancy Botwin

Heroes - Arthur & Angela Petrelli

Grey's Anatomy - Ellis Grey

Lost - Anthony Cooper (Locke's dad)

One Tree Hill - Dan Scott

How I Met Your Mother - Ted Mosby

Gossip Girl - Bart Bass

Family Guy - Peter Griffin

The Simpsons - Homer Simpson

Arrested Development - George Sr. & Lucille Bluth

Voting will close Friday afternoon (8/31) and the ultimate worst parents will be announced! Check back on this post for the winner.


| 13:44 EDT, 10 Jun, 2011
Nancy Botwin
| 15:11 EDT, 11 Sep, 2009
Peter Griffin, he has let Meg drown when making him a sandwich xD
| 16:17 EDT, 03 Sep, 2009
dan scott- one tree hill
| 07:20 EDT, 14 Aug, 2009
No-one has chosen Peter or Homer yet it seems..o.O guess they aren't that very bad after all! I vote Nancy Botwin..a very irresponsible mother!
| 21:27 EDT, 03 Aug, 2009
totally irrelevant now, but by liver I mean kidney...why did I say liver...
| 13:08 EDT, 03 Aug, 2009
Arthur & Angela Petrelli
| 06:10 EDT, 03 Aug, 2009
Anthony Cooper from Lost and well, Ellis Grey from Grey's Anatomy. If I had a mother like her, I'd kill her myself...
| 03:27 EDT, 03 Aug, 2009
Lost - Anthony Cooper (Locke's dad) spoiler: stole a kidney, used him, and pushed him out building window trying to kill him...
| 00:28 EDT, 03 Aug, 2009
@ FireFly_2 I don't know.. if you're going to play that card.. I'm pretty sure that Jack Bauer's dad has that beat.. he didn't make it into the vote.. but... he could have been convicted of murder, treason, terrorism ... and other crazy crimes.
| 19:21 EDT, 02 Aug, 2009
Nancy Botwin, hands down. See @FireFly_2 for reasons why.
| 03:45 EDT, 02 Aug, 2009
Nancy Botwin, because nothing beats I'm going to sell drugs, then open a grow-op, then have to serve various gangs, then move cities and start the drug dealing again, then almost get killed by and have a baby with a mexican drug lord, then of course the fact that both her children started dealing as well, not to mention other horrible things that have happened to them.
| 00:31 EDT, 02 Aug, 2009
Ted Mosbey Not only does he drag out the story about how he met the mother.. but he also tells his kids all about his various sexual conquests.. and about the sexual conquests of all the people they call "Aunt" and "Uncle".. I mean, would you really like to know that your "Aunt Robin" had been having wild crazy monkey sex with your dad.. or that your "Aunt Lily" and "Uncle Marshall" are not the responsible adults you grew up thinking they were, but are in fact crazy sex-addicts. ... well.. at least your "Aunt Lily" is. And how about your "Uncle Barney" who is just so cool in every way ... next time you see him at Thanksgiving, you're going to want a haz-mat suit before you give him a hug.Ted Mosbey is telling his kids about terrible terrible things. and that's part of what makes it all so funny.
| 22:39 EDT, 01 Aug, 2009
Anthony Cooper from Losthe stole his son's kidney and pushed him off a building
| 06:26 EDT, 01 Aug, 2009
Anthony Cooper
| 22:09 EDT, 31 Jul, 2009
Weeds - Nancy Botwin
| 17:32 EDT, 31 Jul, 2009
err kidney
| 17:31 EDT, 31 Jul, 2009
anthony cooper. come on, he convinced locke to give him his liver, and then pushed him out a window.
| 15:10 EDT, 31 Jul, 2009
Anthony Cooper for sure. He's the worse
| 09:31 EDT, 31 Jul, 2009
Dan Scott - One Tree Hill
| 05:34 EDT, 31 Jul, 2009
Anthony Cooper for sure - It takes a real jerk to become friends with your son just to take his kidney. if that isn't bad enough, he then pushed him out of a window of a high building and killed him. good thing Jacob was there to revive him, but still.... P.S. why is ted mosby there? what did he do, except drag out the story of how he met his kids' mother? ;)
| 01:06 EDT, 31 Jul, 2009
the bluths!
| 22:16 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
Dan Scott
| 19:20 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
Heroes - Arthur & Angela Petrelli I'm sorry but the Petrelli's take the cake here. Not only have they attempted to kill their children they had them experimented on. Hid Nathan's child and just interfered in their lives time and time again. And still Angela warped logic makes no sense. Art and Ang and their fellow Company founders created a lot of the mess the descendants have to clean up. So in my book they take it.
| 19:04 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
The Bluths from Arrested Development
| 18:18 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
Lost - Anthony Cooper (Locke's dad). Seriously, he conned his son into giving him his liver, and then later pushes him out a window attempting to kill him but instead paralyzes him. Plus, he destroyed Sawyer's family too so bonus points.
| 17:15 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
bart bass
| 15:51 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
dan scott
| 13:27 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
Weeds - Nancy Botwin (and I agree with Suze2009, Ted should be disqualified for loving his kids enough to want to tell them all about who he was and who he had to become before he was worthy enough for their mom! Ted is a great dad!)
| 12:27 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
lost-anthony cooper he tried to kill his own kid!
| 11:59 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
Dan Scott - One Tree Hill
| 08:46 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
Ted Moseby shouldn't be in there! He just tells amusing stories to his kids. Dan Scott clear winner for worst parent!
| 08:30 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
bart bass...he was asshole
| 06:57 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
Lost - Anthony Cooper (Locke's dad) I think christina scofield from prison break is worse but for some reason shes not on the list
| 06:16 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
Lost - Anthony Cooper (Locke's dad)
| 05:53 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
One Tree Hill-Dan Scott
| 05:37 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
come on how anoying would it be to be sat down and have to listen to ur dad recount all his old relationships, u gotta feel bad for those kids... therfore ted mosby but just for some variety christoper was a pritty bad dad to rory on gilmore girls and richard and emily is pritty bad too,and on skins if youve seen it chris's parents suck... actually most of the parents suck on skins....
| 05:34 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
Nancy Botwin
| 03:54 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
the bluths
| 03:05 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
As much as I believe Pettrelly's are crappy parents, they still aren't as bad as Dan Scott.
| 01:37 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
Dan Scott
| 01:32 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
arrested development.
| 01:25 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
Arthur and Angela Petrelli (Heroes) I was gonna say George Sr and Lucille Bluth, but, although they are sucky parents, they haven't done anything particularily horrible to their children....
| 00:06 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
One Tree Hill - Dan Scott
| 00:03 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
Nancy Botwin
| 23:46 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Nancy Botwin
| 23:32 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Weeds: Juda Botwin
| 22:35 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Arthur and Angela Petrelli from Heroes
| 22:31 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Anthony Cooper from Lost~m~
| 22:09 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Anthony Cooper from Lost
| 22:03 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Dan ScottHe abandoned his pregnant girlfriend, then a couple of monthslater knocked up his new girlfriend and decided to marry her.Pitted both of his sons against each other.AND FINALLY:Killed his brother in a fit of jealous rage.
| 21:39 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
Weeds - Nancy Botwin It really does take a special kind of bad parent to bring both of your kids (and basically everyone else you know) into the illegal drug business and then have another baby with a drug lord.

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