Episode Recap: "Easy as Pie"

Ooh child, there's some smooching going on in this episode and it's getting kinda hot in here. Miguel starts a short list for his and Dexter's side project. Ellen and Maria bond over some scotch. Camilla loses her battle with cancer, but in a good way. And Dexter has a nightmare, or is it a nightmare? "Body parts out in the open." Never a good way to wake up.

Miguel saves Ramon's derriere again by working out a deal not to have him thrown in the slammer for his latest bad judgment. Ramon begrudgingly puts his badge down. Is Miguel perverting law for his own benefit, as Ellen accuses him? He sure is getting out of hand. Now he wants Dexter to kill Cheung and Ellen Wolf. Who's next?

Ellen Wolf is bad to the bone, but only as far as doing her job well is concerned. She has it out for Miguel. But he has it out for her just as bad. "Keep an open mind about her," Miguel tries to convince Dexter that he should take care of Ellen.

Miguel blows up at Dexter for saying "no" to him about killing Ellen. Dexter thinks he's lost his best friend. We eventually see that Ellen has a conscience and Miguel comes around and all is well with the world.

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