Welcome to Kanagawa: In Sickness or In Health?

Last time on Desperate Housewives we saw the total devastation of Wistera Lane in the tornado, so could we do anything but be really excited to see what happened after all that drama??

Last night's episode started us out where we left off with the fear and dread of what happened to Lynette's family buried under Mrs. McClusky's house.

But within the first scene, we saw the Scavo kids pulled out of the rubble one by one followed (after a nice dramatic pause) by the emergence of Tom. Phew!

But, um, wouldn't the kids have been screaming if he wasn't okay?

Sadly, Mrs. McClusky's dear friend Ida didn't make it which we find out later is because she protected the kids under the stairs where there wasn't room for her too. So, well, a bit of a guilt trip on Lynette, but she got the joy of getting to know her through Mrs. McClusky and then getting (kind of) arrested for running around spreading her ashes on the baseball field where Ida used to play. Good times.

As for the rest of the devastation, shockingly Victor didn't make it... how convenient, though pretty obvious with the piece of fence stuck through his body. But actually shockingly, we find out that though Carlos is okay, he's keeping a pretty huge secret from Gabbie - his sight is gone. Poor Carlos! And he actually thinks Gabbie will leave him now that he has no money and no eye-sight... shouldn't that be a bit of a testament to the reality of their relationship for him?

Our other missing in action man was Mike who's now in rehab, leaving Susan clamoring to keep Bree staying in her house since Bree's missing a roof and all, and Bree's pretty good comfort when you're looking to feel safe and at home. It's nice to see real moments of friendship and need like this which has been a little lacking from the show as it seems drama is more important.

It seemed this would be the episode to be either super-dramatic or super-emotional with the friends really pulling together, but it didn't quite deliver either of these feelings very strongly.

The drama was nearly over when they showed the first scenes of the Scavos family alive, and bits of friendship strength were scattered about with Susan and Bree and also Lynette and Mrs. McClusky, but there just wasn't quite enough drama or enough sweetness to make it an excellent episode.

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