Pushing Daisies: The #1 Must-See of the New Season

Pushing Daisies has been called the best new show and according to ABC, is on every top 10 list for fall shows - it sure made ours! The pilot most certainly lives up to all this praise.

Pushing Daisies is refreshingly unique, whimsical, and so quirky that you can't help but smile and laugh throughout, meanwhile falling in love with the characters that are just as quirky and whimsical as the story around them.

The pilot sets up the background of how it came to be that our main character, Ned, discovered he had the touch of life... but also death. When a loved one drops dead suddenly, little boy Ned touches him and he's alive! But immediately he sees this isn't so simple when it causes another death in his proximity.

While this seems like it could be a rather morbid story with people coming back alive here and dropping dead there, the fairytale-like narration and almost cartoon-like bright colors always around create a dreamy and fanciful air about the show that's instantly endearing and intriguing.

After the glimpse at Ned's childhood to see where his "powers" came about, we find Ned as an adult in the pie shop he now owns and runs. But he doesn't just use his abilities for the sake of delicious pies. He also works with a private investigator to find the answers to homicides... also creepy yet humorously done as you see only these characters could pull off. And of course, there's a girl who's just as adorable and odd as Ned who becomes involved with his life in a bizarre way.

With all of this set up, Pushing Daisies proves extremely worthy of all the hype around tonight's premiere on ABC, so don't miss the show everyone's already talking about!


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Nov 24, 2008 8:19PM EST

love the show, it makes my day ,never missed a single episode...hope they wont cancel the show...its the only reason why i watch t.v.

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