New Amsterdam: Love Keeps Slippin', Slippin' Away

On New Amsterdam last night, we got some insight into one tidbit of John Amsterdam's life we'd already gotten hints about - his past as an alcoholic, which of course played very much into the case of the episode.

While it keeps testing us to believe John's been through something so very similar to whatever his current case is, it's important to remember it's actually less likely that he has gone through the same thing than that he hasn't.

Sure, there's an endless amount of experiences to have in life, but over a 400 year lifespan, this guy's more than likely to have experienced something pretty similar to just about every situation in life... that a man can have anyway.

One of the great things about New Amsterdam is that they don't play up John as a superhero, though it's jokingly mentioned here and there. He may be immortal, but he's still stuck in this cycle of life we're all going through, which means he's taken many an avenue, and it's much appreciated that he's taken some very bad avenues and continues to do so instead of becoming some sort of perfect human being from living so long.

So, while we saw John work through a case of a recovering alcoholic homeless man's death, we got flashbacks to his time as a jazz musician when his son, Omar, was still young. (How John's managed to stay around Omar and in his life so long is still a bit of a puzzle, but maybe Omar moves around with John occasionally, or visits in certain parts of John's life, while living near him in others.)

But in the past we see an Omar who didn't know about John's immortality, and also a kid who loved his dad enough to send him to a clinic to recover from his alcoholism.

And then we saw John sit his teenage son down to tell him that there's something a little different about daddy... he may look younger than the other dads, but actually he's just a smidge older.

Omar seemed pretty skeptical, but obviously believed it pretty soon due to his trust in his dad or just plain having to believe what you see.

The trick there seemed to be waiting until Omar needed to know and could try to understand. And that trick is not working out at all for John with Sara. He seems to have gotten his chance with her pretty early in the show, but it's going to be far from easy to make things work.

After all, what modern, intelligent woman who can Google a man to come up with nothing would really stick around?

Looks like John's wooing skills acquired over 400 years won't even save him here. Choosing to burst out the truth when she's already angry and walking away wasn't the greatest move, but neither was just being vague and weird about anything family or past-related.

Perhaps John can win her back soon and can make up something that will get him by until she loves him and could believe him, or maybe we'll be seeing a pining John for a while which hopefully won't just dig his hole deeper with the likes of falling back to alcohol or into the arms of a certain very interested police woman!

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New Amsterdam: Love Keeps Slippin', Slippin' Away


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