Cashmere Mafia: Where's the Va-Va-Voom?

Maybe it's still on the way, but the first two episodes of Cashmere Mafia have left me just not feeling it.

Cashmere Mafia's all about the powerful business women who, in "reality" (just like any one of any gender, race, or age), can't really have it all.

Where the lovely fearsome-foursome's Sex and the City was fun and witty, Cashmere Mafia and its foursome is all catty undertones and just plain not enough "va-va-voom," as Carrie would say.

So, what is Cashmere Mafia and what could make it work?

What's not working is the heavy-handed corporate push. Sure, it's great to see the women actually in the workplace and dealing with those issues as that's a huge part of their lives. It is, after all, a problem on shows like Desperate Housewives when the women's work lives slip away into absolutely zip camera time.

So, yes! Go workplace drama. But, no, don't go ice-queen main characters that are just not warming up to us on the other side of the screen.

If they want to make a splash about strong women, don't show them immediately jumping into cheating on their husbands for revenge, not having a care in the world when their fiances walks out, and having darling pseudo-stay-at-home dads getting hit on by lonely stay-at-home moms.

Cashmere Mafia needs to find a better balance of jumping into the action and drama of the show without jumping into stuff that doesn't endear us to the characters. We're not looking for victims here, but some semi-realistic (and juicy) lives of women who truly do have a great, strong circle of friends, success, but problems too.

This all sounds like a pretty typical plot to desire, but throw in the interesting twists CM is already trying to bring, it could turn out pretty well.

So here's to giving Cashmere Mafia a little more time... let's see how it goes!

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