Quarterlife Pilot: My So-Called Creek of Friends

Quarterlife, the web series picked up by NBC has been compared to many trendy, angst-type shows and movies including My So-Called Life (which makes sense considering Quarterlife is written by the same people), Reality Bites, Friends (1994), and Dawson's Creek.

I certainly agree with all of these, though Friends is certainly more cheery and humorous.

First of all, I'm fully aware that Dawson's Creek was far from realistic, but yet those teenage emotions actually, well, are. And that's exactly why viewers completely fell in love with it.

What high school girl doesn't want to watch a socially awkward disastrously shy yet totally gorgeous version of herself on TV pine after that boy who will just never get that she's in love with him?

Quarterlife brings the darker mood and "real" vibe of My So-Called Life. As overly dramatic as My So-Called Life may have seemed to be, it hit a serious string with many who knew that was realistic and absolutely loved its frankness and rawness. But sadly, it was one of those wonderful shows now forever dubbed "ahead of its time."

But Quarterlife picks up just the right elements of its predecessor and also some good Dawson's Creek-ness like the pining romantics, the hopeless love triangles, but yet the very small circle of friends that makes viewers not just relate to them, but feel a part of their world.

It also fits perfectly for the generation who grew up with these other shows and need a new one as we're still feeling plenty of confusing emotions and have gotten beyond the high school world of Dawson's Creek, and are now exactly where the Quarterlife crowd is - right after college and right before we feel like we're really adults.

There's this interesting time period that not many shows really touch on because it's all a bunch of confused college grads who aren't really doing anything. They aren't the corporate women and men in shows like Lipstick Jungle trying to balance kids and crazy work lives, nor are they the Desperate Housewives (and husbands) working out life in the suburbs. And they're also no longer the crazy college kids pining for knowledge or just partying.

The time of getting to throw around thoughts and ideas is over, but the time of knowing what you want and wanting to throw yourself into a "real" job is not quite there.

So, Quarterlife it is. How very fitting. Hm, maybe they meant to do that little trick with the title.

Clearly the pilot has proved itself very worth of not only being on primetime TV, but staying there and hopefully being very well loved and followed!

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Quarterlife: My So-Called Creek of Friends


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