American Idol: Top 10 Guys Rockin' Our Socks Off!

On Season 7 of American Idol so far, the guys have been fun, but just not persuading me to love them like a few of the ladies.

So now that it's down to the top 10, the guys are really showing who they are and who they want to be, so see how they did last night and are ranking for the likes of this Get Reeler in a bit of a Cold Stone Creamery size-style.

Just Gotta Love:

Chikezie - Well, Chikezie, your name is awesome and even more awesome now that we've heard the proper Nigerian pronunciation. But the singing... I hate to say it, but cheesy just kept on applying which was leaving him in the "Want to Like" category up until now. But last night's "I Believe" brought some soul to this overly smiley, cheesy boy who we have been quite set straight on now! I believe, Chikezie! I believe!!

David Archuleta - I like sugar and spice and everything nice, and David, if you aren't drowning in all of these things, I just don't know what is. In David's case, I almost want to not like him, but he's just way too adorable all the time. With the soft and sweet "Imagine" by John Lennon, David somehow managed to not bring down the energy in the room, but knock it out of the park with his constant and even more amped up wow-factor last night.

Want to Like:

Michael Johns - "You Can Go Your Way" - He knows he's hot, and we know he's hot... both in the obvious ways and vocally. Yet his draw is his charisma and energy on stage plus those "wow" moments of vocals, and this performance made me teeter on maybe just not really caring.

Jason Castro - Jason is the awkward hottie we all want to know and love. And on Idol, well, we can! One of the EW Idol experts said Jason's the guy you see and think is groovy on the street corner, but you don't want to see on your TV. But I dare to disagree! (As I'm sure many a fan will.) His performance of "I'd Do Anything to Be Your Everything" probably only spoke to us hippie-loving ladies (as Paula wasn't shy to admit) but he's still got it.

Surprised to Like:

Luke Menard - He's been a cute boy with a nice voice so far, and maybe it was just the judges commenting on how he looks like Dawson (Dawson's Creek) that's won me over, but there's just something about Luke! He may have been super-theatrical in this performance, but it brought out his energy and showed how he can just plain pull any old thing off with flare - and not the annoying kind!

Danny Noriega - He's pretentious and annoying and if you like him, you're probably a mother, teenager, or person with friends like him so you just can't help it. I thought I'd be one of these people, but just couldn't cut it until last night's "Don't You Remember When You Told Me You Loved Me Baby," and surprise! I actually... didn't gag! And wanted to rush the stage with the rest of 'em and give that kid a hug.

David Hernandez - "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" - as the judges said, hot! And maybe I never fell in love with David Hernandez in the first place like the judges, but now I'm thinking about it!

David Cook - Aw, David Cook the Word Nerd! Now we're getting somewhere. Oh yeah, and his voice has turned out to be pretty awesome too. Fine, David, you may still be a little annoying, but "It's Alright Now" has, well, made it alright for right now as far as my vote.

Just Go Already:

Robbie Carrico - "Why are you still here" comes to mind every time this guy appears. He's not awful or annoying... just not interesting. No, he doesn't have to "prove" he's rock and roll, but he does have to show something of himself that makes the right groove for him - and it just doesn't seem to be something that's going to happen on American Idol.

Jason Yeager -I almost want to like him, but then look at that blonde streak of hair again and, ugh. "Without Love" was a fun song for Jason for '70's week, but as Randy said, it was just too karaoke.


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