SideReel's Top 10 Favorite ABC Family Original Movies, Part 1 - Featured

With the premiere of an all new ABC Family original movie, Au Pair 3: Adventure in Paradise, coming up Sunday March 15th, let's take a look at our favorite ABC Family originals from over the years of family fun!

Here are SideReel's Top 10 favs, what are yours? Check out my favs below, and RachelL's Wednesday!

Au Pair 2: The Fairytale Continues

With the Au Pair franchise gearing up for the premiere of Au Pair 3: Adventure in Paradise, it should be noted that among my fav ABC Family originals is the 2nd installment of Caldwell family fun where the kids were a whole lot younger with much different problems and pranks to pull than in the new movie. There was much to enjoy as they all visited Europe for some business endeavors, and some personal ones as well as Jenny is au pair no more, but possibly Mrs. Caldwell-to-be!

Lucky 7

While there are many movies that show an adorable pre-Grey's Anatomy Patrick Dempsey, Lucky 7 is among my favorite Dempsey and ABC Family movies. In this 2003 romantic comedy, main character Amy's dying mother told her she'd marry her 7th boyfriend, but when Amy falls for her 6th boyfriend, she feels like it's not meant to be... unless she can make a different guy her 6th and her new love, Daniel, her 7th. There's nothing better than a girls movie night with a sweet romantic comedy like this one!

Samurai Girl

Samurai Girl joined the group of great ABC Family originals in September 2008 as a three-part special. This modern day adventure brought some seriously great girl power to the small screen with great samurai action, questions of family love and loyalty, and of course always a fav, an intriguing romantic storyline. Plus who couldn't love getting to see Brendan Fehr of Roswell again!


After loving Princess star Nora Zehetner in Everwood and Heroes, and seeing her love interest cast as Kip Pardue from Remember The Titans, I had to check out this newbie when it premiered in April 2008, and it delivered all the cuteness and imaginative fairytale elements promised! I always love a good fairytale, especially one that includes that classic underdog story as Princess does with Pardue's character, William Humphries, as a "down on his luck" ordinary guy who gets the magical chance to meet a real modern day princess, and also gets the chance to enter her mysterious and magical world.

The Circuit

Michelle Trachtenberg, a girl power dream, and a cute boy - Drew Fuller of Army Wives - what more do you need? This original movie is packed with everything I love about ABC Family - a unique and different form of family from the classic nuclear family, a little romance, and lots of fun and struggle while trying to reach a dream and maybe finding love along the way. Plus, the secondhand adrenaline of the stock car racing doesn't hurt! Always great to see a strong female proving women can do anything they put their minds to.

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Mar 10, 2009 7:23PM EDT

Lucky 7 was definitely one of my all time ABC Family Original Movie Favorites.And come on, who wouldn't choose Patrick Dempsey?!

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