Samurai Girl Review: Another Hit for ABC Family!

ABC Family's new original event, Samurai Girl airs this weekend with 3 2-hour installments airing Friday at 8/7c then continuing Saturday and Sunday.

I got the chance to check out the first 2 hours, and I was ready for more! Samurai Girl stars Jamie Chung as Heaven, an adopted daughter to a Japanese billionaire. She goes to San Francisco for her arranged marriage, but has to flee after her wedding is attacked by ninjas and her beloved brother is killed and tells her she cannot trust her father's men.

Going into Samurai Girl, I was expecting to enjoy it as a fan of ABC Family movies and events, but was a little uncertain since these days, we don't exactly take attacking ninjas seriously.

But, as should have been expected, the attack was done well and it turns out to be a complex issue of families against families with gangs of seriously trained ninjas fighting each other with death and honor in heart and head.

Heaven finds herself on her own for the first time in her life, with only the name of a Yakuza-trained friend and teacher of her brother to help her.

I found myself very pulled in to the characters and really enjoyed seeing Roswell's Brendan Fehr as Jake, the Yakuza-trained friend, along with the comic relief of a few friends Heaven makes along the way.

While the fight scenes are not magnificent, the plot is solid and will most certainly be very appealing to the ABC Family crowd. It shows off a strong female character, but without overdoing it.

Heaven is portrayed, as I'm assuming she was in the original Samurai Girl book, as a natural samurai with a mission she was born into, but one she must train for. It shows it as very natural a girl could and would end up in this position of destiny and power, and not only can she do it, but she's going to be fantastic at it. The point is not that she's a woman, but she's the one with a certain destiny to fulfill.

I found this refreshing as often "girl power" movies meant for the kind of young audience like that of ABC Family do portray strong female leads, but it always seems to be the point that she's definitely the exception being a girl able to do these things. Of course Heaven is a very special girl here, but emphasis on the special, not the girl.

So, I found myself after this first installment very intrigued and into the story and certainly wishing for much more! It has a solid, family-friendly and fun plot that seems it will be sustainable for the full 3 installments and plenty of surprises along with the enjoyable characters that I'm sure will keep you hooked all the way through!

Don't miss Samurai Girl this weekend on ABC Family Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 8/7c!

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Sep 5, 2008 1:57PM EDT

I too just watched the first one on itunes since its free...i was really impressed! I agree that the characters are really likeable (esp. Brendan Fehr, swoon!) and the plot is solid.. I have to disagree on one point though, i thought the fight scenes were great! The one at the end was really intense and i found myself actually wincing when jamie was being thrown around by that guy.. And what a great cliffhanger! Definitely left me wanting more and cant wait to see the rest of it this weekend

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