Greek: The Great Cappie Strikes Again

On this week's Greek, Casey decided it was time to fight the man, or rather the super annoying woman.

Rusty turned into the tough guy while Evan turned into the nice guy, Cappie made a literary reference, and Beaver learned to read.

Has the world of Greek gone mad??

The Zeta Beta Zeta ladies have at least with the major lock-down on their house by the totally crazy Lizzy sent to keep an eye on them.

So Casey, our usual do-gooder, planned a secret party. When Casey suggested to Lizzy that the girls needed to relax, perhaps in the form of a party, Lizzy was all for it - all for an alcohol-free theme party for The Great Gatsby.

And really, now, reading isn't cool, come on, get it straight. So Casey said yes to the corny theme party... with a secret cool party right below it in sound-proofed basement of the Kappa Tau house. Clever, yes, but really, could it be anything but a recipe for disaster? (Especially when the sorority is already in a massive amount of trouble and the frat is known for being trouble.)

But before the party trouble could go down, we had a Cappie and Casey moment which are always wonderful... but not so much this time. While Casey did go to Cappie saying she wanted to "start over" with him, he got a bit of a punch in the gut when at the party she made a toast to their friendship.

So what did Cappie do in true rejection-style? Why, go to his secret sex partner and offer a relationship, of course! Ah, revenge... so sweet. Or was that really Cappie realizing his feelings for Rebecca knowing Casey really didn't want to be in the picture? Either way, Casey clearly didn't completely mean it with the fabulous jealousy clips ready to pop up next episode!

Before we could really see what Cappie was thinking, though, he was interrupted with Rebecca for a "code red," aka they were about to get busted. So Cappie the Brave had to do something crazy to save them all - time to steal the campus safety golf cart - helpful to saving the party and having a good time all at once. A win, win for Cappie, really, except for spending the night in whatever campus jail situation they seem to have set up.

So then the party and the Zeta Beta Zetas were saved by Cappie and, well, reading! But mostly Cappie with the help of Beaver's adorable stupidity. Now, in the real world, you probably couldn't pull off that your secret basement drinking party was "really" secret charity work for the dumb frat, but here they sure pulled it off.

Looks like Cappie and Casey make quite a team... but hey, we knew that already.

Now we can look forward to some more drama next week involving dogs, soap, hoses, and a secretly jealous ex-girlfriend exposed. Can't wait!

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Apr 30, 2008 3:58AM EDT

so anybody who's gone to college knows that you can smell a house party from a mile away. watching a retard read lines from Gatsby apparently distracted the Dean from knowing that he was standing in an alcohol drenched room. Looks like Lizzy could actually have pledged ZBZ by going to college once upon a time - notice that little knowing glance at something on the floor? Exciting save, team Casey Cappie... you will only find this in Greek.

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