Chuck Versus the Crown Vic: Casey at the Bat

Chuck may be a slightly predictable show, but Chuck himself is so very lovable... which is why we hate to see Sarah breaking his heart and Casey, well, planning to kill him.

So much for government protection. Oh yeah, and Bryce's protection too.

He may have saved his sweet little buddy from a tough life in the CIA, but now he's led Chuck to a pretty dangerous one with the intersect stuck in his brain which now that the intersect's been recovered, is going to lead to Chuck's death!

Of course, Season 1 of a new show won't lead to the main character's murder, but it's still some interesting drama to add to the already boiling pot of Chuck's life.

My guess is that Casey won't be able to kill Chuck, but will then either take the hit for it, making him get fired or something along those lines, or Sarah will have to step in to protect Chuck making Chuck and Sarah have to disappear together, maybe to where Bryce is.

Or Chuck will have to become part of the CIA so they can trust him with all those secrets in his head.

It seems any way about it, Chuck's nice little Buy More life is going to have to change. Now that he's on the flip-side of things saving his little innocent buddy, maybe he'll decide he actually wants to be a part of all this CIA mumbo jumbo.

What we can count on is Morgan being hilarious and utterly clueless no matter what, and the flirtation but not-quite-there relationship of Chuck and Sarah sticking around for a while.

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