American Idol: 4 Idol Dreams Crushed

On American Idol this week, the voting was turned to the fans as we watched the 12 male finalists sing it out Tuesday, then the 12 females on Wednesday.

Then us lucky fans got another new Idol last night for the nail-biting first top 24 eliminations!

But of course, eliminations can't be made until the entire group sings an absolutely hideous and horribly awkward '60's song, and Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul show off their new music video.

And Ryan creates weird moments asking the judges about how fair it is that some contestants have had a stab at fame already.

But then, just as we're all expecting more ridiculous ways of prolonging the announcement of the first 4 eliminated, Ryan invites Garrett Haley to come forward and chat with him. And what does Ryan say? Does he drag things out as he should to drive everyone entirely mad? No!

It went like this:

Ryan: "It's been quite a journey... tonight we have to say goodbye to you. It's over for you."

Garrett, all contestants, and the audience: duhhh.... wha??

Just like that. Apparently they decided that making everyone totally terrified they'd get axed at any second would be a super fun way to run the episode.

And of course they also have to be totally evil and immediately ask the eliminated contestant to sing their final song. It's like that final break up... well... you know. Awkward and totally inappropriate is really all there is to it.

As for the other eliminations, these were tricky too as Ryan called up Kristy Lee Cook from the girls to make them all nervous, then said she was safe, but Amy Davis was gone. Then later on, Joanne Borgella and Amanda Overmyer forward and announces the one to go is Joanne, and for the guys he brings forward Colton Berry and Chikezie Eze up to ax the darling Colton.

And, to add insult to injury, Simon just has to tell Colton that he shouldn't even bother to pursue his musical career - it should be a fun hobby for him, but he's never going to make it. Stay strong, Colton. Don't believe that evil puppy-lover!

So as usual, hearts were broken, tears were spilled - mostly by all the girls and the ridiculousness of Danny Noriega - and we're left with 20 American Idol finalists with some good hearty fear in their hearts and voices hopefully rearin' to go!

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American Idol: 4 Idol Dreams Crushed


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