Desperate Housewives: "Hello, Little Girl"

Desperate Housewives has been a primetime soap opera from the beginning with plenty of affairs, murders, deception, and lots of gossiping, but now with the Mayfairs' storyline unfolding, we've reached the ultimate soap opera moment of "Hey, kid, I'm your long-lost father."

Who saw that one coming! (Everyone?) But then what is that grave Katherine sat by crying in the forest? Maybe that's for someone else or she made some sort of memorial to him because she thought he was dead?

Or this guy isn't Dylan's father at all but some creepy guy trying to weasel into Dylan's knowledge somehow - perhaps to figure out the real dad's murder. So, just as the more ridiculous daytime soaps, nothing is ever as it seems on Desperate Housewives!

The comic relief of the episode was supposed to be on Gaby, as it often is, but it was disappointing to see her character continue to be so shallow. Carlos got himself an adorable golden retriever seeing-eye dog, but Gaby got a little jealous when the dog took over her spot in bed, and just plain angry when the dog would growl at her - um, for hitting and yelling at the dog's master - yeah, I think I get that.

While it was a little humorous to see Gaby fight it out with a dog, it really showcased the jealous, shallow Gaby we seem to have been moving away from the last season or so. Apparently even falling back in love and her husband being blind couldn't totally change her.

The rest of the ladies found some pretty serious drama for themselves including the Rick fire incident coming to a head as well as the Orson running over Mike incident!

Rick had a little something to say to Tom, basically blaming him for the fire as anyone would expect him to, leading to the "boys will be boys" fist fight, and the young employee lapse in judgment (or revelation of good judgment) as Andrew called the police.

So now Tom is "free" from the crime of burning Rick's restaurant down, but Lynette did not get much relief as she and Tom both showed they didn't trust the other at all over a couple little issues of adultery and arson, and then Lynette discovered it was some other Scavo boys responsible. Now that plot just thickened!

As for Orson, he surprised us all by tearing up with guilt and admitting to his crime when Mike confronted him about being the one who ran him down. Wow. But I'm sorry, did Orson really think he could just carry on with his normal life after that?

I suppose he figured he and Mike could keep it between them and not get the wives involved, but if he really thought that, he certainly hasn't lived on Wisteria Lane long enough.

As it turns out, even after all she's put up with, Bree couldn't handle her husband attempting to murder her friend's husband, so off it was with Orson. Can he recover from this and be forgiven by Bree or will he go off his rocker now that he's really lost everything?

But hey, at the end of the day, what's a little loss of trust, seeing eye-dog kidnapping, under-aged arson, and murder attempts? Everyone's doing just fine right?

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May 2, 2008 8:31PM EDT

I couldn't believe the Scavo boys were the ones who set Rick's restaurant on fire! As somewhat predictable and twisted as Desperate Housewives usually is, that one actually threw me for a loop!
And as for Dillon's blind naivety?? Are you seriously going to trust a guy who simply states he's your father and is wearing a cop uniform? Didn't your mom ever teach you not to accept food/drinks/ get into cars with strangers? Because that's what he is. And just because he goes along with your questions that you lead him into, does not prove anything! Yes, tell him where you live, where you go to school, and what your mom's up to - that sounds like a BRILLIANT plan! Ohh Desperate Housewives!
I think this was a good episode, though. The characters although sometimes over the top, at least are consistent... and even somewhat.. (dare I say?) human!

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