Survivor: Micronesia Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Blood, sweat, and tears... now that makes for a great episode of Survivor: Micronesia!

The nasty injuries like Jonathan's gross infected knee just aren't as fun as watching the survivors run around courses leaping to platforms and bashing their ribs, and getting gigantic hanging weights thrown at them.

Okay, it's really only fun when they don't get badly hurt and we can just have the fun of half-covering our eyes waiting for that nasty fall we saw in the preview for the episode.

This week that goes to Erik, the poor little fan who worked his butt off in the elimination challenge to prove himself to his entire team of favorites, yet still lost.

But, even though Erik was beaten out by his past tribe member, Jason, he wasn't about to give in to his inevitable elimination. Erik made a major plea for his life to Amanda and Cirie, very clearly gunning to get them to totally turn on Ami and get her out of there.

Meanwhile, the winning team got to gorge on pizza and beer, and Ozzy and Alexis searched exile island for the "immunity idol." Ozzy joyfully discovered that someone (Jason) had taken the fake immunity idol he'd carved, which looks like it comes into play next week in a pretty hilarious moment of Eliza yelling at Jason for believing that could possibly be a real immunity idol.

When Ozzy returned from exile, Erik immediately dove in to make his case to his buddy Ozzy as well who was all about it. While Ozzy's not probably one for Erik to trust much longer, he made good enough points about not trusting Ami, that when Ozzy next talked to Amanda, he wasn't much up for hearing about her girl group hug with Cirie and Ami.

So it was off to tribal council, sounding pretty sure the gang was going to go with Ami, but still with a possibility of Erik.

Then Jeff, as usual, had to stir the pot and got some major discussion, tears included, going with the tribe. And here's where we saw Ami talk the most ever on the show and either show she's a truly good person feeling hurt by her tribe, or she's an excellent actress.

Ami pulled out all the stops, tears streaming, saying how hurt she was that Ozzy said he "wanted to trust her," and that she's been true to the favorites, and wanted to stay true, and would go with them in the merge, would travel the earth for them, pick up their dry cleaning, have their babies... okay, not entirely, but she did get pretty ridiculously dramatic about how true she was.

But, alas, this burst of emotion and dedication did nothing for Ami as her tribe booted her out.

Next week we're up for some great twists and drama as the tribes merge!

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