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Yet again I have to say, what a night on True Blood! I was hoping, especially with an episode title like 'Timebomb,' that this week would have to be the ultimate showdown between the vampires and the Fellowship of the Sun, and was it ever!

While I was expecting Bill to swoop in and save Sookie from Gabe at the end of last week's episode instead of Godric, it turned out much cooler to have Godric appear and then not only save Sookie, but snap Gabe's neck like it was nothing at all. It was also exciting to see Eric appear and then not only see him vulnerable to his maker, but to see him very vulnerable to the Fellowship as Eric and Sookie's attempted escape only led them into the Fellowship's vampire-killing ceremony!

And I have to say, here, I love that while we were seeing Eric vulnerable to the Fellowship and offering himself for Godric and Sookie's freedom, to have Jason running around with Sarah's paintball gun trying to get to Sookie was pretty hilarious. It was just the right amount of sweet brotherly love and Jason's stupidity that not only gave us a few laughs, but ended up being the saving grace... with a green paintball to Rev Steve's head.

Moments like that remind me that this is a show that knows how to be crazy dramatic and laugh at itself without becoming ridiculous. Very impressive!

So in all the drama, we ended up with Eric on the table tied down by deadly silver chains, then once Jason entered, Rev Steve down on the ground after some paintball shots, and a gaggle of vampires coming on the scene to tell Rev Steve they'd had enough and they'd be off now with Eric, Godric and Sookie.

Way to finally do something right, Jason! I'm a bit disappointed that we didn't get more action before this conclusion between Jason and Sarah, but Jason giving the final verbal kick to Rev Steve that he'd slept with his wife made it well-worth the lack of further hotness and drama.

All this excitement also led to a tail-between-her-legs exit for Bill's maker who got a serious talking to from Sheriff Godric after she decided it was a good idea to try to attack Sookie, the now greatly respected friend of the vampires.

And let's not forget while all that craziness was developing, we had Sam very unluckily set up to discover Daphne's body sans-heart (gross) in the Merlott's freezer... and his only hope for being rightly proven innocent was Andy. That's not looking up at all!

Also, that heart of Daphne's didn't mysteriously disappear like Miss Jeanette's, but was cooked into a tasty mad-making pie for Tara and Eggs. What on earth, MaryAnn?? I'm still extraordinarily curious what MaryAnn wants with Sam, Tara, and Eggs, besides making Eggs her private blacked-out hitman. Does she just want to control and play with these people or does she have other end goals?

And finally, after the seemingly vampire storyline conclusion of Bill's maker getting run off shamefully, we got even more! Luke, Jason's jealous fellow Fellowship of the Sun army boy, Luke appeared... as a suicide bomber! Since when did he get so brave?? Obviously, all our main characters have to survive this, but will it already be the end of Godric when we've barely gotten to know him? Will just some nameless vampire extras be taken out or will something crazy have happened like Godric dying or Eric throwing himself in front of Godric to save him and sacrifice himself?


Aug 10, 2009 9:10PM EDT

What a serious cliffhanger. I'm betting (and hoping) that it won't even go off, I'd be really sad if any of the lovely vampires died.
I definitely think it was one of the best episodes of the season so far.

Default avatar cat
Aug 10, 2009 9:55PM EDT

As much as I love this show, I am a big fan of the book series. Even though the show doesn't follow the book dot to dot, i was bit surprised at how the script changed in Godric's situation. I actually felt sorry for Bill's maker and Sookie being little bit of a bi-a-tch.

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Aug 10, 2009 10:26PM EDT

How do you feel sorry for Lorena? She ticks me off. The worst part of this, and every episode since she showed up, is that she wasn't staked (though getting beaten by a 30 inch plasma wasn't half-bad).

Default avatar cat
Aug 11, 2009 2:00AM EDT

oh my god what a good episode... i had to watch it like at least 5 times .. Godric injected new life into it for me ... my palms were sweating the entire time and the show left me wanting more.. I noticed not alot of people are talking about maryanne , tara and eggs situation as much.. there's alot of stuff happening there too, i can't wait to see what happens when bill and sookie return to find bon temp the way it is ....

Default avatar cat
Aug 11, 2009 2:12AM EDT

This was an amazing episode! Although knowing the books keeps me guessing on this series. I love the characters and especially the Eric and Sookie relationship. Wonder if they will ever put in what happens with her and the Were Tiger or with Eric??All in all an amazing episode - bored with MaryAnne and all her creepiness. Get on with it all ready!! Godric is an awesome character and very filling. I am a huge Eric fan more than a Bill fan because of the books.Lafayaette is another fav of mine and I am really glad they are keeping him in this series unlike the book!This series is just as interesting as the books other than the whole MaryAnne thing. I can certainly look over that!! lol!!How many spis are there this season?

Default avatar cat
Aug 11, 2009 7:35AM EDT

Something no one else cares about (or noticed) that I found very interesting was when Godric was holding Gabe and he said "Godric, it's me!" and then Godric snapped his neck. Does this have some special meaning that will be revealed in the future?

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Aug 11, 2009 12:44PM EDT

Good catch Haumed. No idea what it means, but well spotted. I hope it means something, because then at least we'd know that Godric has a future and frankly he's a very interesting character.

Aug 11, 2009 1:16PM EDT

Yeah, nice catch, Haumed! I'll have to watch that bit again. Maybe Gabe was sneaking Godric food (or blood rather?) while he was being held captive or otherwise being kinder than the rest of the Fellowship. But I wouldn't imagine if Gabe were doing more than that or otherwise undercover somehow that Godric would go ahead and kill him. Looking forward to hopefully finding out more on this!

Aug 13, 2009 12:37AM EDT

You didn't mention Jessica and Hoyt's unfortunate situation. I'm wondering how all this will turn out and hoping it wont damage their newly found relationship.

Default avatar cat
Aug 13, 2009 8:45PM EDT

I was also wondering about the significance of Gabe's last words Haumed...I agree with your logic, Kendra and Fudgefase, and am also looking forward to seeing more Godric on the show b/c he is interesting. I hope that bomb doesn't go off either Idewald...I wonder if this isn't Godric's exit, though, b/c it seems they're setting him up to be a savior character who sacrifices himself for good. Following this, I can see the lines being more clearly drawn between vampires who are for peace with the humans and those who are against it. Also, as Godric seems to be the only being that Eric reveres, perhaps he has been significantly affected enough by Godric's enlightenment to become someone Sookie would want to be with.
Btw, I'm with you devs711...Bill's maker got on my nerves, and while I understand why they included the whole back story of her with Bill in the past few episodes, I was bored with it and wish they would have spent more time focusing on something else. I was so glad when Bill beat her in the head with that plasma screen, LOL. I hope she really is leaving...good riddance.
Regarding the other storylines:
I agree wickedgemini...I'm tired of Maryann and her evil ways. It's past time for her to get that justice Lafayette was talking about. I really don't want Eggs to go down with her though...he didn't know what he was doing and it's obvious he has a conscience. Andy never ceases to make me laugh, and I hope he'll be taken seriously before Maryann gets Sam. I wonder if Tara & Eggs will ever find out about what was really in that pie...that scene was seriously disturbing. : P
Brri88, I hope Jessica & Hoyt work through their little "snag". They are too cute together and their little romance has been refreshing. With all the crazy stuff going on in the rest of the show, it needs that little bit of normalcy. This episode was good, and ITA bscreamqueen...I look forward to seeing Sookie & Bill's reactions when they find out everything that's been going on in Bon Temp.

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