The Bachelor Does Barbados with the Final Three

It was time to get serious on The Bachelor this week. And by serious, I mean time for Matt Grant to enjoy the perks of the show and go to Barbados with three beautiful women and spend a night with each of them.

But this did mean some serious decision making for Matt as by the end of this lovely trip, he had to get down to his final two.

He started out with Shayne, who held onto her chemistry with Matt as far as the attraction they have to each other and the fun they have together. But she most certainly didn't prove to be ready to go head to head when Matt hinted at his desire for an intellectual connection. In fact, she even had a difficult time working through that big word of "intellectual."

As Shayne told Matt and the camera later, she didn't need to prove her smarts, but she does have them. Yeah, sure, honey. Matt definitely seemed disappointed by her refusal to chat about U.S. politics, but he still was happy to head on over to the fantasy suite with her for the night.

Is Shayne a done deal for Matt's choice with this hyped up connection they have? Perhaps... though the other ladies are still giving Shayne quite a run for her money.

Next in line was Amanda who seemed to continue to bond very well with Matt as they went zip-lining while they're both scared of heights, aw. Her date was not very eventful besides some good times during the day, then a nice dinner at which Amanda stumbled over herself in attempts to tell Matt how bad she is at expressing her feelings, but that she is falling for him... amid about 300 "likes," which I have no idea how they haven't driven the more sophisticated Matt mad yet!

Finally, Matt had a beautiful sailboat and diving date with Chelsea, who he was feeling very hopeful about after creating a stronger bond on her hometown date. But... wow. Worst date ever, in the words of the bachelor himself! Matt wasn't cruel about his comments, but he was quite honest about feeling "gutted" and generally very disappointed about their incredible lack of connection during the date.

Matt even made sure to mention how he and the turtle got closer than he and Chelsea did!

Now this was the best set up ever for making us believe Chelsea was no doubt the one to be going. Duh, they totally lost their connection and Matt's gotten totally turned off to her. Oh, but wait! The clever twists and turns of The Bachelor strike again!

At dinner, Matt admitted to Chelsea that he was very "frustrated" (more like frusTRAted as he said in his adorable accent), about the day, and she said that wasn't at all what she wanted to be like with him. And so, they reconciled and headed to the fantasy suite where Chelsea more than proved to Matt that she's extremely interested in him - cut to semi-creepy scene zoomed in on Chelsea sexily changing into her "night dress" and leaving all underwear behind. This is still on ABC right??

Well, I guess Matt got whatever "answers" he needed from the ladies as the rose ceremony brought us the elimination of not Chelsea, but Amanda!

And oh was she plenty ready to express her shock and disapproval of his choice! She didn't exactly turn evil, but was not having any sort of nicety from Matt and cut him off to say something harsh every chance she got.

So now it's off to London with Chelsea and Shayne, but not until after next week's The Women Tell All Special!

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