American Idol: And the Loser Is...

The American Idol results are in and it's getting tougher to see these lovable contestants go!

We've cut all those fluff contestants who were fun, but not that great, or great but not that fun, so we're pretty much down to all awesome performers for the Top 10.

But cuts must be made anyway, and this week, the slightly surprising bottom three were: Chikezie, Syesha Mercado, and Jason Castro.

While they're all amazing, Syesha has made the bottom before, and Chikezie wavered this week from his growing awesomeness and reminded us that he can be great, but doesn't quite have the star power America's looking for in their winner.

As for Jason, he's wonderful, but has gotten in too much of a comfortable niche with his song choices. I figured the girls loved him too darn much not to vote for him, but apparently his fans are becoming less dedicated to his pretty face and voice!

It had seemed we'd be seeing Carly Smithson and Ramiele Malubay in the bottom as they both have been having a bit of a tough time, including the news that Carly's pregnant! Oh, wait. Just a rumor. Silly gossipers.

But as for the bottom three we did get, it was a bit of a nail-biter for fans of these guys, except for those of Jason. While Jason babbled on in his adorably awkward way about expecting to be on the bottom this time, Ryan cut him off to say, "Jason, you're safe."

Oh... well... okay! So make poor Chikezie and Syesha suffer through many a commercial break, but Jason gets to know right away - cruel, but good for those constant Idol surprises... oooo.

Then we were down to the bottom two, and... Syesha is safe. Yea for Syesha being the amazing performer she is! But boo for the incredible, huggable Chikezie wonder going home!

Chikezie, you've wowed us all... lost some weight and you're lookin' great, and you've become famous enough to get to be on a first name basis. So yes, now you're always in a place where everybody knows your name, and continue on with your awesomeness and be all that Chikezie can be!

Ah, a sad loss. But on to next week, we'll be seeing some more upsets, nail-biters, and plenty more!

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American Idol: And the Loser Is...


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