Pushing Daisies: 'Oh, Oh... It's Magic'

While the theme of this week's Pushing Daisies episode was a magic show mystery, the episode title, "Oh, Oh... It's Magic," could really be applied to any Pushing Daisies episode as every episode has that special touch of fairy tale magic that makes this show so very lovable.

But even though this show is always magic, it turns out actual magic tricks make our dear Pie Maker's stomach turn.

This magical mystery came to be because of Ned's newly discovered half-brothers, who became amateur magicians after growing up with Ned's father who was always doing magic - which is exactly why magic tricks give Ned acid reflux instead of joy like his new brothers.

I really loved Ned's half-brothers at first for bringing in the interesting twist of Ned having family, but in this episode, they weren't very interesting or involved characters. They're quirky and strange as they should be, but if they're going to stick around, they need more quirks than just being twins into magic - but I'm sure if they're meant to stick around, they have a whole lot more up their sleeves!

The main focus was instead on the twins' stand-in magic dad, The Great Herrmann, played by guest star Fred Willard, who wound up being the murder the gang had to investigate, after he'd hired them to investigate the murders of his assistants - his animal assistants. Right as they discovered the killer was actually after Herrmann instead of the animals, Herrmann was cemented to death in his famous trick gone wrong.

It was looking like Herrmann just made himself disappear and wasn't really dead as the cement block was switched, making it seem that there was no body to be found. Herrmann had told Ned that he loved the twins, but he didn't really want this fatherly responsibility, so it seemed as if he'd left now that Ned was around to be the new father/brother figure in the boys' lives.

But no! He was killed by his jealous fellow magician who had thought of him like a father until the boys came along and took over the son position. Murderer and body discovered, the case was closed, and Ned was left with acid reflux and family - neither of which he found enjoyable.

Meanwhile, there was some intriguing drama around Chuck that she's not yet aware of. As it turned out, Dwight, the mysterious man who came to The Pie Hole, turned out to be a friend of Chuck's father... though he said he was a friend of Ned's father... all very strange and suspicious.

So Dwight made a visit to Lily and Vivian, making it clear to Lily while Vivian stepped away that he knew all about what Lily did to Vivian, but he wasn't going to tell her. That wasn't what he'd come for, but clearly it's something he wishes to hold over Lily's head for later. He came instead for the father's pocket watch which matched his own - why? No idea. But he was very intent on it - to the point that when he discovered the watch had been buried with their "niece" lonely tourist Charlotte Charles, he went to her grave, dug it up, and discovered her coffin empty!

So just as Chuck was happily listening in to Olive asking Lily all Chuck's questions for the mother she never knew via microphone and earpiece, there are clearly not peaceful waters ahead for Chuck with Dwight's discovery!

So what will Dwight's next move be? I don't remember what happened to the watch - I'm guessing Chuck has it with her? If that's the case, then how will Dwight proceed? Will he go back to Lily with his threats? He can't exactly reveal he knows the coffin is empty, so what will he do?

I can't wait to find out where this goes from here - some interesting family drama ahead for both Ned and Chuck - both characters who really don't have families!

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