Gossip Girl 'Pret-a-Poor-J': Fashionista Gone Wild

There have been a few storylines this season on Gossip Girl that have been a bit ho-hum or a little too much for my liking such as Nate's relationship with Catherine that got all tied up in him owing her money for his family.

It was clear that wasn't going anywhere but wrapping up with him somehow getting out of the situation, so I didn't find it quite as scandalous and interesting as I think we were supposed to find it, but I did enjoy the twist of Catherine being Blair's new boyfriend's stepmother... who by the way, was sleeping with him.

But this week in "Pret-a-Poor-J," I loved everything that was happening for all the characters' storylines.

While I liked Dan and Serena together, I'm glad that now that they've broken up, they aren't getting back together soon and are dealing with that, and no longer in such a catty and hurtful way. I really like that Serena now has a new possible love interest, though maybe that won't go anywhere, I'd be glad to see her date someone nice instead of some bad boy to continue her brief bitchy streak.

But just as Serena was chilling it out with the bad girl lifestyle, Jenny ramped it up big time. I really liked the drama for Jenny's this week, but I think it was a little too drastic over too short a time. I mean really, last week she was still sans 10 pounds of eyeliner, and suddenly she's full-on bad girl with a new best friend she just met and going to all sorts of wild parties... AND giving who seemed to be her fashion idol (and boss), Eleanor Waldorf, a ridiculous amount of attitude as she quit.

I liked all that happened and I'm thrilled that she didn't just allow Eleanor to take all her designs, but it seemed to unravel pretty quickly, though I guess the point was she got the push from Agnes and fell hard.

While I'm not liking who Jenny has become besides giving us some interesting plot, I did love Nate "saving" her from her fishy new friends who were leading to big trouble. I think Jenny and Nate make a good possible couple, though I don't see that working well anytime soon with the path Jenny still seems set on taking.

And finally, I was very glad to get some more on the Chuck and Blair situation and though maybe it was a cop out, I think it was right for them to say they couldn't be together now. It's clear they do love each other, but it's also clear that they're game players who aren't mature enough to put that aside for a real relationship with each other. It was so sad to see Chuck leave Blair, but it gave me hope for what goodness we could get from them in the future as hopefully we get more seasons of this show!

What did you think? Did this episode rock your Gossip Girl world?

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Oct 28, 2008 3:25PM EDT

i totally agree with you

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Oct 28, 2008 3:47PM EDT

I was just thinking al that too. But besides Jenny going a diffrent path to qickly this episode was great, the episodes is just going better and better.

Large newrachelimage
Oct 28, 2008 4:23PM EDT

I'm glad that Dan and Serena are apart now too, though Serena's new indie love interest wasn't cutting it for me - those glasses were heinous.
Jenny was ridiculous this week - and yes - her raccoon eyeliner was insane...I guess little Taylor Momsen should be being praised for her acting abilities...but I was just a little bit disturbed by how well she pulled off the crazy party-girl image. I can't help but thinking that this girl might be on the fast track to rehab in real life. Also, I know that on the show Jenny/Nate aren't far-fetched as a hookup (she's a freshman, he's a junior)...but with their real life age difference (she's 15, he's 23) coupled with rumors that the two are friendly in real-life...I kind of felt an 'ew' factor there.

Default avatar cat
Oct 29, 2008 6:30AM EDT

i was so grateful for this episode, i really don't think the rest of this season has been up to gg standards, and i was starting to lose faith lol,but they reeled it back in with this one, and i just hope that the rest of the season keeps up with the standard of 'pret-a-poor-j'

Default avatar cat
Oct 30, 2008 3:13PM EDT

I just hope they keep up chasing each other. That's one of the best storylines ever.

Large 1325994072 073
Oct 31, 2008 12:57AM EDT

i loved Jenny and Nate's kiss at the end. and the Chuck and Blair storyline, hopefully they will work out.

Default avatar cat
Nov 1, 2008 9:10PM EDT

GG has sucked this whole seaosn except for like 3 eopisodes .one being Pret-A -por J. Tpttaly loved Nate & Jennt :D there really hot togatehr.............Dan is wayyyy boreing. i mean. he isn't doing shit. Vanessa seemes like an Extra

Default avatar cat
Nov 3, 2008 12:26AM EST

serena's new indie love interest was intrigueing and mysterious and artistic. i thought it was fantastic to incorporate someone like that into the show. He would be much better for Serena that any macho egotistical jerk. and i love Jennys new haircut and i the way the whole episode unfolded.

Default avatar cat
Nov 3, 2008 6:47PM EST

Does anyone know what the title "Pret-a-Poor-J" is supposed to mean?

Default avatar cat
Nov 3, 2008 11:41PM EST

Pret-a-Poor-J came from the movie "Prêt-à-Porter"
Prêt-à-Porter is about a fashion show in Paris that draws the usual bunch of people; designers, reporters, models, magazine editors, photographers.
If you notice, all the shows that Gossip Girl has created have some similarities to famous TV shows/movie titles!

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