American Idol: Horton Hears an Idol

American Idol has basically become a slew of commercials - and not only the ones we get when Ryan's constantly saying, "there will be something really exciting and meaningful... after the break."

But the Top 12 showed off their very own Ford commercial last night, which I appreciate Carly very much for making fun of their stupid dance moves immediately after.

Also the incredible who-licious Jim Carrey showed up in full Who costume to promote Horton Hears a Who!

He then proceeded to poke fun at the Idol experience as he jumped up on stage randomly in the show to quiver in fear about getting cut... meanwhile all the contestants laughed anxiously, thinking Jim's funny an all, but this is our lives, man!

So other than the overwhelming amount of advertising, there was also the usual overwhelming amount of suspense about who was going to be cut.

Ryan grouped up the contestants and told one in each group that they were in the bottom three tonight. This gave us Syesha Mercado, Kristy Lee Cook, and David Hernandez who all had to sing then sit in wait until Ryan brought them forth to torture them further.

The judges all told them they deserved to be in the bottom three, though of course they're all super-stars anyway. But it was indeed the end of the road for David Hernandez. Bye, bye, stripper scandal. You were fun while you lasted.

It was good to see Syesha and Kristy stay considering Syesha is usually amazing and Kristy has a great voice, though she's had a few less than awesome performances.

So, overall, a pretty exciting week for some great performances, and here's looking forward to the next round!

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American Idol: Horton Hears an Idol


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