Season 4 Premiere: It's The End of the Island as We Know It

Ah, I forgot how great it feels to not breathe for an entire episode! How we've missed you, Lost!!

Lost fanatics are used to plenty of fascinating and confusing flashbacks inserted in the intense island drama.

But, as the Season 3 finale introduced, last night's premiere was all about flash forwards, or the "looking glass."

We started out the awesomeness of the premiere with a police car chase which none other than our hero Jack watched on TV while making his breakfast of orange juice and vodka. And who was the crazy criminal? Our resident island bad boy Sawyer? Our bad girl Kate? Nope, it was our adorable Hurley!

And as Hurley was arrested by multiple police officers, he yelled, "Don't you know who I am? I'm one of the Oceanic 6!" And there, my friends, is exactly the last moment we took a breath for the entirety of the episode.

The Oceanic 6?? What does this mean? And we got all the answers of course. Ha, just kidding. Just more and more and more questions. So throughout the episode we see these flash forwards... or the other side of the looking glass... so does this mean these things are meant to happen, they do happen, or they just could happen? I believe the idea of the looking glass was to show us what would happen if they got off the island. And the main idea is that it just ain't good.

We saw the survivors back on the island, with Desmond returning and delivering the news that Charlie was dead, brotha, and they had to tell Jack not to contact that boat. But of course it's too late for that.

So Hurley, determined to not make his friend's death in vain, insists, after throwing the walkie talkie into the ocean, that they all start immediately towards the rest of their group to warn them that the people on the boat are not who they say they are. Because, as Hurley so eloquently put it, when people need to be warned, you don't wait... you warn.

So, long story short, the island messes with Hurley on their journey to meet up with their group, leading him to "see" Jacob in a creepy cabin, then run into Locke who is all about Hurley's new focus on stopping Jack from going with the people on the boat.

They all eventually met up, Jack made a nice dramatic scene of blindsighting Locke with some punches for killing Naomi (which we see is definitely what Locke did after Kate followed her, got creepy blood dropping down on her from a tree and then Naomi jumping on her, talking to her people on the phone not telling them that these people were the reason she was dying, and then, well, dying).

So it came down to who was going with Locke to stay far, far away from the people on the boat, and who was going with Jack to find the people.

So, Jack and Kate were left standing in the rain all alone by the tail of their crashed plane reminiscing about first coming to the island, when they hear what is not thunder, but a helicopter and then they run to meet the parachuter - their first contact with an outside person in 91 days. And of course, bam, the episode is over....

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Lost: It's The End of the Island as We Know It


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