Survivor: Micronesia's Black Widows Have It?

Survivor: Micronesia has become all about the ladies taking over, but it's also been about a record number of survivors leaving for reasons other than being voted out, and overconfident immunity-idol holders voted out for not playing their idols.

This week had a whole mess of all of that! James hurt his finger which the medical team checked out this week because he couldn't move it anymore and it was just plain disgusting with infection. It sounded like it could take a pretty serious turn as the medic told him it could cost him his hand, which he found serious because he needs his hands to work.

Buddy, if you're still digging graves after two seasons of Survivor, well, you must really love what you do. I guess if you don't win, you don't make any money, but he was up for fan favorite last time around, so maybe he'll get lucky this season and win something there.

So for James, he found out after the reward challenge that he was indeed getting pulled out of the game since the infection in his finger was so close to the joint. Parvati showed her bit of heart with some tears when he left, though she royally screwed him just the other week with Ozzy's elimination.

This now makes the third person to leave Survivor: Micronesia for reasons other than being voted out, which is a Survivor first. James, much like Jonathan before him, was extremely disappointed to leave the game under the circumstances, but considering he showed up at tribal council attached to a pole for his fluids, I think it was a good move.

While the women were all truly sad to see James go, they were still a bit glad to get down to one less player, and one of their planned victim males as well. This left Erik as the sole male left in the game, and he sure knew he needed to fight as he took the elimination challenge by storm.

With Erik holding the immunity necklace, the ladies weren't sure what to do with their vote - as if they didn't know they'd have to turn on each other the next vote anyway.

Parvati and Amanda were working out if their votes should go for Alexis or Natalie. Alexis' knee was not doing so hot, but didn't seem bad enough to take her out of the game. Natalie is a tough physical competitor, but has not hidden her cut-throat ways, so she probably wouldn't be a jury favorite, while Alexis isn't as big a physical threat, but she would do well with the jury since she hasn't gotten on anyone's bad side.

It didn't seem at the time (to the rest of the group, anyway) that who Amanda and Parvati voted for mattered since all the rest of the women decided they were voting for their biggest threat, Amanda.

Amanda had been to Exile Island and found out the idol was hidden at camp but cleverly emptied out her bag when she got back to camp telling everyone she didn't have the idol - which was true.

Then she let Parvati in on that she could find it at camp, so she played the ladies like fiddles by kind of pleading her case, but basically saying she understood why they were all voting for her.

Ladies, ladies! And Erik. Why are you being so gullible? Yes, they saw Amanda didn't have the idol, but how were they not suspicious about Amanda basically taking her elimination sentence without a fight?

While we didn't see Amanda find the idol at camp, it was pretty clear she did, though she went with being totally cocky and proud of herself by pulling it out after she knew everyone but Parvati had voted for her. And how the jury loved that twist!!

With everyone's votes for Amanda dead, that left whoever the two votes from Amanda and Parvati went to a goner. And Alexis it was!

Amanda already had a big target on her back being such a strong competitor, so will her alliance come back to her, or all be upset for getting played now?

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