House 'Joy': The House Giveth, and The House Taketh Away

The title, "Joy," grates my nerves a little when it's associated with a House episode because it just doesn't fit with the show or our darling main character, House himself. Of course, that doesn't mean no one on the show is ever happy, it just means that a title like "Joy" sounds a little ominous for a House episode, assuming it's going to be something bittersweet - and it was.

This week, Cuddy met the birth mother of the baby girl she was meant to adopt. Because of some health complications, Cuddy brought the mother into the hospital, all the time being harassed by House about how she's going to be a bad mother and how he thinks she doesn't really want a baby.

The mother was soon faced with the decision to deliver the baby early, which would be threatening to the baby's life, or wait the full-term, which would be threatening to the mother's life. The mother went ahead with the early delivery, and thank goodness, the baby - Joy, as Cuddy was going to name her - was born. And so Cuddy was a mom holding a little baby, which was immediately interrupted by House saying, "Now you have to tell baby what she's going to be hearing all her life - 'it's time for mommy to go to work.'"

Oh, House. There will be no joy in your presence, that's for sure. Unfortunately, the joy the birth mother saw on Cuddy's face when she was holding the baby made her realize that possibility of love in her life was something she wanted and needed... so Cuddy lost her baby - so very sad!!

Also on the joy focus of the episode, House's case he pulled Cuddy away to work on ended up being that the father and daughter had a Mediterranean flu that made them sleepwalk and feel no happiness. So just as House's patients were cured and able to feel joy, Cuddy felt nothing but sorrow.

So House went to pay a house visit to Cuddy to gloat? No. He came to kiss her! Finally - thank the 'Huddy' gods! It seemed since last episode when the baby situation was introduced, that House was upset about it because of his feelings for Cuddy and her filling her void of love in her life with a baby, instead of him.

So of course, in House fashion, it wasn't a moment of proclaiming his long love for Cuddy, but a sweet and confusing moment of kissing, then House immediately leaving.

It looks like next episode (in two weeks - boo!), House will be playing up him and Cuddy as a big joke, but what does he really think? And what does Cuddy really think? Could there finally be a real relationship for House and Cuddy?

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House 'Joy': Could it Last?

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Oct 29, 2008 11:50PM EDT

i dont think it'll last but who knows? that kiss was the most unexpected think in the entire episode. i has thought that the "you're happy then I'm..." was about him being miserable, his usual self. So if he really does love Cuddy... well, I have no hope for that relationship: as soon as the guy that was hinted to be with Cuddy show up, House will decide for her and leave her instead "for their own good". I think history is bound to repeat itself. although, it would be very interesting to see him in a relationship that last for more that 2 or 3 episodes and with Cuddy none the less!

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Oct 30, 2008 6:13PM EDT

Dare to dream...

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