The Incredible, Mind-Blowing Lost Finale!

*Finale Spoilers Included!*

Wow! What a FINALE! I can confidently say this was the best Lost finale ever!

My questions going into the finale were:

-How does the Oceanic 6 end up together and the only ones rescued?

-How will they move the island?

-Who's in that coffin?

-What's the deal with Claire?

-Will Jin die, and if not, why does he stay behind?

-How and why does Sawyer stay behind?

And, to my shock and joy, these were all relatively answered! But of course, just as I would have it with Lost, nothing is truly resolved, but complicated in new ways which makes everything more thrilling.

As for the question of the Oceanic 6 getting together, we got them all into the helicopter after Ben said they could leave... which, by the way, after watching the end of this finale, I wonder why Ben said they could leave when bad things happened on the island because they did... but I guess that's left for Season 5!

So then we were left with the Oceanic 6 together minus Sun and Aaron who were "safely" on the boat, but plus Frank, Desmond, and Sawyer.

That left the drama of the helicopter ride ever so delicious as we were just waiting for some moment where Sawyer would somehow turn back, because if he got to the boat, that's not exactly a place he would choose to stay, and Sawyer doesn't seem the character they'd kill off at this point - just too easy for the Jack and Kate hook-up, and we already knew Kate was doing things for Sawyer somehow when they'd gotten home.

Drama, drama, then when they were loosing fuel and had to loose some weight and well, uh hum, Hurley, who looked like he was feeling very guilty... but then BAM! Big sexy Sawyer kiss after a little whisper (ah ha! that's how Kate knows what to do for him!), and Sawyer jumped off the helicopter!

Now that's an exit. And more impressive than his romantic heroic exit? His delicious ab-ilicous entrance back onto the beach... yum!! How that shirt just happened to tear off him, hm, don't really care.

So of course, nothing can be done easily on Lost, so not only was the helicopter crashing, but their hope of landing on the safe boat was foiled as just as they were landing, the bomb on the boat was about to go off - nice work, Ben. And wow, the "So?" from Ben after Locke said he'd killed everyone on the boat!

And there we had our tragic Jin moment as he ran to the helicopter with Sun screaming to wait for him and Frank saying they had to go... just after Jack pulled Kate away from going to get Jin to save him - wow, Jack, way to not be a hero in the moment it matters.

Then we got our answer as to how the Oceanic 6 came to be, and then also with the helicopter crash and them coming upon Penny's boat (YEA!), how they ended up rescued, and then "found" without the extra people of Frank and Desmond.

AND we also saw during all this how the island was moved as Ben went to some Narnia-like underground place to crank the island into getting sucked down into the water, and moving to wherever it ended up! Totally crazy!

Ben was then "banished" from the island and Locke was in charge, which apparently went terribly wrong considering he's the one in the coffin!! Who, by the by, was back in the "real world" because he came to tell Jack and Kate they had to go back to the island because of whatever awful things were happening there.

So now we've met up with time, and we know who's in the coffin which is fantastic. Plus, we ended last season with the tragic, "It's not Penny's boat," Charlie moment, and ended this one with "It's Penny's boat!"

Now, Losties, will Season 5 be all about getting back to the island? How on earth will could Jack convince everyone to go back?

This was a fantastic conclusion that has set up a new season I can't wait to see!

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May 30, 2008 3:42PM EDT

Such a great finale, alto of questions answered or left to figure out haha, cant wait for season 5 XD good post !

Default avatar cat

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May 30, 2008 4:16PM EDT

Omg this was an amazing finale i cnt believe jus how good it was...i am so impressed with the questions answered but also leavin even mor mysteries enuf 4 us true lost fans to want to carry on watchin it!!Im amazed tht Locke is the one in the coffin possibly her was sum kin dof mutiny against him??Ther is soo much material for season 5 cant wait!!!! no more writers strikes pls!!!

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