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As the holiday weekend approaches, I ponder whether I'd rather have the extra day off to enjoy the weekend or if I'd rather have the True Blood finale episode on Sunday!

After catching up on last week's lead-up episode to the finale, "Frenzy," I'm a little bummed the episode itself wasn't great, but am even more anxious to see how on earth all the new drama of Season 2 will wrap up when the finale finally airs Sept 13!

It seems as if the Light of Day drama won't be returning, but instead the finale will be focused on the battle for Bon Temps between Sookie and crew and MaryAnn. As Bill discovered during his annoyingly long visit with the queen, maenads like MaryAnn have imagined their immortality, but that alone has made it true. Also, she'll only be appeased when this possibly made up god appears and is happy with her sacrifice.

Obviously, as we saw from Jason and Sam's attempts, a fake god won't cut it, so how will Bill find a way for the god to appear? Does Sam actually need to be sacrificed? Will Sookie's newly uncovered powers be what can rule over the evil of MaryAnn?

While I've come to love True Blood even more this season, I'm a little worried that all of this won't come to a satisfactory conclusion.

What do you predict will happen and is there a difference between what you imagine will happen and what you'd like to happen? Also, being the end of a season, it's not all about conclusions but also the cliffhanger opening to the next season, so what kind of cliffhanger will we end up with? Share your thoughts and predictions as we impatiently await the finale!



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Sep 3, 2009 6:10PM EDT

I've had the same concerns about the finale, Kendra...especially after the buildup and utter let-down of the recent epi. I'm seriously hoping that they pull something amazing out, but I don't know...
The preview showed some steamy action b/w Eric and the queen, and I don't know if I like that, b/c I've been leaning toward Team Eric & Sookie...also, b/c ERW's acting was absolutely horrid in the last epi, she has rendered the character a boring annoyance, in my book, and I don't want Eric hooked up with that...he's way too interesting.

Sep 3, 2009 8:31PM EDT

in the promo eric did not seem to enjoy the action it rather seemed as if queen over powered him n forced him to do something about bill but the question is y would queen want eric to take care of bill n in wht sense..........could she be concerned tht bill is too much devoted to sookie

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Sep 3, 2009 10:32PM EDT

I remember I read some where that the Queen and Mary-Ann are going to get it in...oops I mean get it on with some lesbian action lol ;)
If that happens then the episode cant be all that bad.... well sort of At least Evan Rachel Wood is one half of it....

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Sep 3, 2009 10:41PM EDT

IqraA, I totally noticed that Eric didn't seem comfortable with the queen's advances. If I'd have to guess, she made a proposition with Eric for her help with MaryAnn or something to do with Sookie.
I'm definitely a Team Eric person. Bill has seemed more distant this season and Eric's character isn't as 2 dimensional as he was in season 1(aka not AS MUCH of a handsome Viking tool. But let's be serious, we love every second of it). I hope they drag out the sexual tension into the next season.
As much as I'm curious about the Sookie-Bill-Eric love triangle, I'm most interested in the development of Sookie's new power (the blue electricity when she pushed MaryAnn's face away). It's something I never read about in the books but knowing this series we probably won't find out about it till the end of season 3 :P.
One thing I know for certain though is that the finale will end with a giant cliffhanger that will have me staring at the television, jaw hanging open.

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Sep 4, 2009 12:03AM EDT

I think show will end some how with Sam using his shapeshifter abilities possibly into tricking maryanne. This is just a maybe ofcourse.
I have a theory that i think is correct about Sookie's new power. I'm pretty sure it wasnt electricity but energy, and not super strong at that. I dont want to spoil anything for people that havnt read the books and want to just watch the show, but i think there just giving here heritage a little bit more of a power up if you :)

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Sep 4, 2009 12:20AM EDT

I havent read the book but I think that her power has to do with some kind of psychic energy that she emits. She does it natural when she reads peoples mind but im guessing if she focuses then she can zap people with it. Kind of like Jean Grey from X-men. For some reason I think the similarities is why she choose this role lol.

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Sep 4, 2009 8:50AM EDT

Much as I love Michelle Forbes, I'll be really pleased to see the back of Maryanne and her black-eyed orgies. What started off quite interesting has turned into a one-dimensional borefest.And talking of borefests - I give you queen Sophie-Ann. Well, the name was a give-away to begin with, and the character quickly descended into 90210 territory - but without the scripts or quality of acting - and that about sums up QSA..... I admit the task, pulling off being bored, evil and feeling ancient, was hard to achieve, but so bad was the acting that I'd achieved it by the end of Bill's time with her, and I was ready to rip someone (pref her's) head off - or at least her pages from the script and start again.I'm not looking forward to Eric's interaction with her. I reckon even if he gets his kit off I'll still be anxious to get back to Bon Temps and focus in on the plotline. I have read Wiki's take on the storylines, so I know what the big twist is, even though I haven't read the books, and that'll be interesting when it happens. But until then, let's ditch the (two) bi***es and get the story moving again.And save Sam. He's a cutie.

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Sep 4, 2009 1:23PM EDT

I've got to go back and watch the preview, b/c as brief as it was, I couldn't tell whether he liked her advances or seemed to me as though he might, b/c he seemed to be smiling...Eric probably likes it rough, LOL. Anyway, I'm hoping he didn't enjoy them, and I wish he could put that sorry queen in her place.
Fudgefase, I think MF is a good actress too...I enjoyed Maryann when she was being written as a complex character, but they got lazy with the writing, so I agree that it's time to say goodbye & leave Maryann and all her craziness in the dust.
90210, LOL...that's exactly what show she needs to be on, she'd be perfect there...not on True Blood, playing a character that requires real skill to play the nuances of. I'm hoping that the last epi was a fluke, and maybe she'll be good from here on out, but if that isn't the case, I don't believe I'll be able to take watching her too often...they're really doing her (and the show) a disservice by putting her in scenes with people who can really's like "who does not belong here?"'
I'm with you: ditch them bwitches & get back to what people really want to see. They'd better not kill Sam...

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Sep 4, 2009 2:29PM EDT

shap shifters can also turn in people sam once said but that it was to complicated bla bla, and that he had not managed to turn in to a bird yet to fly, but he managed that... so who knows! :)

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Sep 5, 2009 12:05PM EDT

i havnt read the books either i want to but i dont!! i wanna know wats gonna happen but i dont wanna ruin the suspense!!
i have to disagree though i liked the queen!! im hopin the reason the last ep wasnt amazing is cuz the finale will be mind blowing i also think they are not playing the queen fully yet as i am guessing she is gonna play a major role in the 3rd season and are focusing on the maryanne storyline first!!
i hope we see more eric and sookie before season 3 i am totally up for eric and sookie!! bill has taken a huge step back in this series!!
im not sure how this season will end perhaps bill will let sam be sacrificed to finish off maryanne and maybe this is the betrayal that could break up bill and sookie??
one way or another im guessing someone will be killed off, but who??also what happens when its all over how will the townspeople just go back to normal after eveything???

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Sep 6, 2009 6:54PM EDT

so, the last epi wasn't that bad. yes, a lot more scence then normal were a little boring or predictable, like...let's say the end. i've seen worser. the thing is, i think, if they would have concentrated more on the church story and lesser on maryann, the season wouldn't have lost it's grip towards the end. maryann should have been finished by the half of the season. so they could now hang on the church story and the sookie - eric - bill-triangle. the queen wasn't that bad. i spoil now a little. sophie-ann comes from europe, originally, i think it was france. she's really pretty old. and she lived all over the world before she decided to move to the states and claim there her territory. plus, she was pretty young when she was turned (which would explain the immature acting of REW) and she killed her maker, means, no one should underestimate her.the promo for the final with eric and the queen. well, let's see. why should eric take care of bill. to everyone, just think a little bit. bill was talking to a girl which asked him about sookie and gran. that girl's name is headly and she's sookie's cousin.and again i do a little spoiler. how does the queen knows sookie. not because of bill. it was headly that told the queen about sookie and her ability. and it was the queen that sent bill to sookie, to figure her out. and by the way he fell in love with her. but it was no coincidance that bill was in that bar that evening. so, why should eric take care of bill. i guess the queen thinks that bill is getting to possesive about sookie and that he's no longer useful and more disturbing. and for eric, i guess he's the last one that have something against taking care of bill.the whole sookie/eric story will be very intersting in the future and i'm looking forward on this. cause alexander skarsgard is the actor that evolved the most at that season. and also his character eric. in season one, i was not so happy with him, cause i always had another kind of eric in my mind. but i tried to stay open and to get suprised. and look what happend. he suprised me realy. honestly, i don't understand how people here can write about a hot sookie/bill interaction. bill is two - dimensional and stephen moyer also plays like that. i don't know how he would ever make it against alexander if he is going on to evolve like this in the next season. sorry mr. moyer, but i'm not impressed and i expected more. in season one i had great hopes for you.i don't worry that sookies charcter would get darker, like lafayette's, if she would realy be with eric. lafayette shouldn't be there anymore, cause in the books, he would have been the corp in the car at the begining of the season. but instead he was prisoned by eric. well, of course lafayette has gotten darker. just think of what he's been through. after weeks of fear, cruelty and terror, no one would jump around and be all shinny, happy and funny again. that's a natural development. instead jason's character has become much more funnier then, sookie wouldn't change, it would be eric. hey, that girl hits eric's face for what he had done to lafayette without any sight of fear and by knowing how old and dangerous he is. that girl has balls, no way eric turning her. i bet, she's turning him (and we'll see much more of his sensitve and funny sides).sookie's powers, well, a spoiler again: in future time sookie will figure out something about her past, or let's say about her family's past, that will explain a lot about her ability and the fact, why she is so attractive to vampires. it's in her blood.this i hope for the end: maryann dead and gone, tara back to normal, eggs dead, sam alive, sookie still with bill, eric with a plan and the whole story with a cliffhanger.

Sep 7, 2009 1:21AM EDT

Everyone seems to be forgetting about the egg that eggs and tara had, im curious to see how that plays out

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Sep 7, 2009 1:09PM EDT

Why is season 2 coming to an end so fast??? Is the book really that short? Or is this just to make people become more anticipated and anxious for seaosn 3? So how many seasons are there going to be? It seems all too rushed for me.

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Sep 7, 2009 3:43PM EDT

Still curious about who laid that egg! Someone must be in pain!!

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Sep 7, 2009 3:50PM EDT

LOL fudgefase : D

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Sep 7, 2009 4:07PM EDT

I'm thinking the egg is going to be part of the cliffhanger and be picked up in Season 3.
I'm sad that Evan Rachel Wood is going to be a major player in Season 3. She was not written right. I do no think that she would have talked that way or acted that way or even dressed that way, it was all wrong. She really does belong on 90210 acting that way. She is an important character in the book, but *SPOILER* she does not stick around forever...hoping that will be true of the show too. I do not like the way she was played at all. She would not have kept Bill away from Sookie like that, she would have sent him to take care of her. And where was Andre and Siegbert and Wybert??? Her guard looked more like out of the Matrix then the medieval times. I want to see her REAL guard. Who she can communicate with telepathically...she would NOT have needed to stand up and go talk to her guard to know that Eric was there, they would have told her telepathically. COME ON. And why did it seem that although Hadley was there (and not dressed like she was in the books), there was no clear maker of whether she was a vampire or not yet?
I'd like to see more Eric/Sookie!!!! I'm totally Team Eric no matter what he does!
I want Sookie to save everybody and for Sam to LIVE...what would Merlotte's be without him? He sticks around in the books!

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Sep 10, 2009 4:13AM EDT

Most likely I think the season will end in a big giant cliffhanger and we'll all be like "wah???" and climb the walls till next summer because it's kinda far off from the books. Hahaha because of this series, I went and read all 9books in 1 week. Yeah that was intense but SOOOO worth it!
Yana160: the books are NEVER that short, but to have a whole season dedicated to 1 book would still not be enough to cover the depth of the story. So far it seems as if it's 1 season = 1 book. There's 9 books with a new one coming out in 2010, so if it goes well, there's....10 season's worth of materials? If you're not the reading type, they have audiobooks for the series and the narrator does an amazing job with the voices of the characters.'ll understand why there's so much nudity if you read the steamy scenes *drool*
What's with the egg??? I definitely didn't see THAT coming. Eggs laid an Egg?

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Sep 13, 2009 9:55AM EDT

Naw, Eggs was too busy laying
But very bizarre, just sitting there in the middle of the bed! Whoever laid it won't be able to sit down for months!

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