Ugly Betty: "Burning Questions"

While Project Runway's Christian Siriano made a "fierce" appearance (oh I'm sorry, that word's out now), the main attraction of last night's Ugly Betty was the total madness that became Renee!

Now we all knew Wilhelmina was a nasty woman who would stab anyone and everyone who got in her way in the back, but really, Willy! With Marc's switch of Renee's pills, she started losing it to paranoia and jealousy, leading to some total displays of madness at MODE, leaving Christian to admit that some situations just call for a "fierce!"

But Renee left Daniel's interrupted meeting with Christian and posse with more of an impression than just a little fierceness. She made it clear to Daniel that she was so jealous and suspicious because he was a cheater (which Wilhelmina planted in her head), and that she knew Betty was in love with him.

This led to some pretty great stuff of Daniel really thinking Betty was in love with him, but this actually saved Betty (well, it would've if Betty weren't so good at taking care of herself).

After realizing from talking with Renee's therapist that Renee wouldn't go after Daniel, but "the other woman," Daniel rushed to his apartment to save Betty, where Betty had rushed to save Daniel!

Renee was completely off her rocker by then, with LOTS of candles ready to torch Betty for stealing her man. Luckily, Betty's own love life experiences of the episode, including Henry discovering Betty was secretly friends with Gio again and accidentally punching him (yes, only Henry), Betty was able to actually talk her way out of being murdered by the crazy woman.

Well, more like Betty got her own personal therapy session with lots of not-so-relaxing aroma therapy candles, and a therapist holding a knife ready to attack... but then, once Betty told Renee how much Daniel really cared for her, she made Renee come to.

At that point, of course, the whole place was up in flames, but when Daniel arrived to be her knight in shining armor, he, Willy, and Marc found Betty with a more relaxed Renee, and a fire extinguisher in hand.

And what does Betty say in this moment of madness after her life being threatened? "Daniel, you don't pay me enough!"

Ah, Betty. That's exactly why we love you!

Betty was left working things out with Henry for now, although that conniving Charlie will be sticking around, and telling Daniel she does love him, but not like that.

Is that a big disappointment for those rooting for Daniel and Betty in the end? I think they're much more adorable as friends, but with so many love life disasters for both, could there end up being something there?

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