American Idol: The David vs. David Showdown!

Really, Idol, really? I know American Idol is a big hit show and who wins is a big deal to many viewers, but the whole boxing metaphor was just massively overdone in last night's "finale."

It would've been overdone for any Idol contestants, but to do a fierce competition theme for a couple of really nice guys who really like each other and will probably be plenty happy if the other wins just made it look more ridiculous.

But all that over-hyped ridiculousness aside, David Cook seemed to be buying into their non-competitiveness a lot more than one would expect, even from such a nice guy. While David Archuleta commented on the competition by saying what a great guy DC is, DC said the competition was over, and they were just having fun now... hm! Interesting.

Plus, while David Cook has wowed us for weeks now, he didn't do so much of that in this finale. It wasn't that he didn't seem to care, but that his fight just wasn't that strong. It seems he just knows he's made the final 2, and perhaps that's just good enough for him. It really makes sense to be happy with that considering the major opportunities he's going to get if he wins or not.

Archuleta, on the other hand, was right on the ball with each of his three performances last night, actually impressing even those of us viewers all in for the Cook win and who've never been that impressed by Archuleta.

Archie's definitely in it to win it and man, was he showing it! The little man sung his heart out then shook like a leaf in between it all.

As a big David Cook fan, last night surprised me by not really caring at this point (right along with DC himself it seems) if he wins or not now. It'd be awesome, and I'm sure he'd be thrilled, but it seems DA actually cares more about the win, so would it be better if he took it?

Or would that just be annoying to see him just cry and wheeze out all his astounded thank you's? Hm, yeah, on second thought, DC would be a lot more in control yet still grateful, so maybe his win would be for the best.

The odds reported tell us that DC will most likely take the win, and at this point, his fans won't be swaying just because of a little difference in his performances last night. So does that mean DC will be up for the win after all, or will the DA fans end up taking it with all their teenage will?

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May 21, 2008 2:30PM EDT

I'm hoping David Cooke wins. I would rather hear him on the radio or cd than DA. DA has a great voice but the same sound.

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