Gossip Girl: Ed Westwick Puts the Moves on a Man, Baby! - Featured

Looks like Chuck Bass isn't bisexual...he's try-sexual, thankyouverymuch, and will try just about anything when it comes to making his woman happy--and taking the piss out of someone who wronged her. Mwahahaha!

Such is the setup for the much-rumored same-sex kiss coming to Gossip Girl this Monday. In case you didn't hear, Chuck (Ed Westwick) is gonna engage in a little Machiavellian tonsil hockey with Blair's (Leighton Meester) latest nemesis, and you can see the foreplay in the video link below.

As for Hilary Duff and Penn Badgley, things are getting serious! Check out their bona fide GF-BF interaction also below...

So, which ratings stunt is hotter? Ed Westwick's same-sex kiss or Hayden Panettiere's?

Or hmmm...Will it be the Gossip Girl threesome? (Have you figured out who's doing the deed?) Sound off below!


E!Online - Ed Westwick Puts the Moves on a Man, Baby!


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