Episode Recap: "Power Trip"

In this episode of CSI: Miami, someone is torturing and killing women and the CSIs won't stop until the murderer is caught.

After a very dramatic opening sequence, we find out a woman has been found murdered by an electric shock inflicted from jumper cables. The initial medical examination shows that she didn't put up a fight and that she died of heart failure. Her pupils were dilated at the time of death and there is nothing in her bloodstream to indicate why that might have been the case. Kathy Meyers was her name and her boyfriend is questioned after filing a missing person's report after only 12 hours of her being missing. According to the CSIs, it's usually the person that reports it that's guilty.

It was determined that the killer dilated her pupils so she was sensitive to the light and couldn't see what was being done to her. There was a murder a year ago where the same pupil dilation technique occurred. The victim's name was Alison Novell and she was stabbed and dumped. The lead suspect was her ophthalmologist, Max Paulson. There's a desk bound detective on the force named Reggie who is sure Paulson is the killer in both cases so after the second murder, he goes and beats up the doctor a little bit.

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