American Idol: Top 7 Elimination!

As we saw last week, on American Idol, anyone could go at the drop of a hat, as Michael Johns was eliminated his first time in the bottom three. He hadn't been crazy popular throughout, but he was definitely the top of the middle group, really now.

But last night, finally, finally a wonderful, dramatic yet totally expected elimination! So now that she's gone, I feel a little bad for disliking her so much, but Kristy Lee Cook has finally gotten the ax! Rejoice, all annoyed viewers!

It's not that Kristy Lee Cook is a terrible person with an awful voice, but that she just kept having wavery, not so impressive performances, and kept hitting the bottom three, but kept NOT getting eliminated! Plus she was only good when she got to sing things like "God Bless the USA" and she was awful when she tried to give her country twang to songs like The Beatles' "Eight Days a Week."

So last night was pretty much like the night in Survivor when the underdog who's been just quietly going along for a while is eliminated. A bit of a waste of an exciting elimination night, yet necessary at the same time. Sorry Kristy, I know you're a nice girl and will probably (maybe) have a hit country record and your own theme park one day... right?

But we did get some good drama before the cut, making the episode more worth the watch. This week the Idol folks had the clever idea of making two groups of contestants with the results instead of just saying who was safe and who was in the bottom. Then Ryan switched David Cook over to the other side, and asked the final contestant, of course the made-of-sugar David Archuleta, go to the group he thought was safe.

Wow. Now we thought Ryan was mean last week teasing that Michael Johns may not get eliminated! But being the adorable sugar-coated sweetie he is, David just sat down right where he was on stage and wouldn't move. Then Ryan just told us who was safe and we moved along with David Archuleta, David Cook, Carly Smithson, and Jason Castro safe, and Syesha, Kristy Lee, and Brooke on the bottom!

Syesha and Kristy Lee have been struggling, and Brooke may be soon to go, but I'm so very glad for her that she stuck around this week since it'd be pretty awful to miss your sister's wedding over the weekend because of Idol, then be home days later from your elimination.

So looks like Syesha has dodged the bullet again, though it probably won't last long even though she does have a lot of talent.

And Kristy Lee finally didn't dodge that bullet - looks like her bad Mariah Carey performance finally put her over the edge. Too bad she doesn't have her horse to go home to, but I'm sure she'll find a way to make it through!

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