American Idol takes on Andrew Lloyd Webber

American Idol stepped up to play with the big kids this week, or rather, the biggest kid of all in musical theater - the one and only Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber!

Some of the contestants like Syesha and David Cook were thrilled being big fans and either really into musical theater as a kid like David, or finding it much more her current style like Syesha.

And is it ever! I thought Syesha was going to be brimming with personality this whole competition after seeing her along the way in the auditions and Hollywood Week, but she's really gotten lost in the crowd with some nice performances, but none really showing us who she is.

This week gave her a chance to shine like never before and she definitely delivered. She was first up with "One Rock 'n' Roll Too Many," and was belting it out, shaking it (in a classy way), and shining through with her bubbly self, making her best performance we've seen, and certainly showing us how she can really shine.

Now, musical theater isn't for everybody - especially Brooke and Jason as we discovered!

Oh, Brooke. Oh the meltdown! Brooke didn't choose the best of songs, or at least the way she sang it. She went with Evita's, "You Must Love Me," and it turned into a tragic plea to the crowd to love her despite her disastrous performance.

I know this is live TV and nerve-racking, but Brooke is the only person who's started a song over again and now she's done it TWICE! It was weird and unprofessional the first time, but this time being in the final six, it's just not going to cut it.

And then she was just a mess from knowing she'd screwed up, but I'm pretty sure that song would've come across sad and choppy no matter how confident she was.

Jason wasn't a complete disaster like Brooke, except according to Simon who said his performance was like a kid forced by his parents to sing a corny song at a wedding - ouch. He did sing "Memories" which was a very odd choice, and it started out as a possible pleasant surprise, but then turned into a bit of a bizarre performance listening to the words about being heartbroken and old from a young guy who's still beautiful, young, and not jaded.

These two definitely fell into the bottom two performances of the night, while Carly joined the top with Syesha. She was amazing with her rockin' performance of "Jesus Christ Superstar," which is the greatest song ever for a rocker chick with a huge and awesome voice.

David Archuleta and David Cook also did well, with David Archuleta doing a nice job that wasn't that stand-out but will keep him in, and David Cook varying from his usual rock style with a pretty straight up performance of "Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera.

He did a beautiful job, though, and threw in a couple David Cook-style notes that worked well for him, so I doubt his change of pace will hurt him this week.

So my votes for the top three this week go to Syesha, Carly, and David Cook, but Syesha may not find that just one awesome performance can turn fans to her side. We may just be seeing Brooke or Jason go this time as they've both been in the bottom before and have been suffering, though Brooke the most, in their performances.

Don't miss the results tonight on FOX at 9/8c!

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