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COMPLETED: Enter SideReel's Criss Angel Mindfreak Giveaway!

Enter to win a Criss Angel Prize Pack to celebrate the premiere of season 4 of Criss Angel Mindfreak, WEDNESDAY, JULY 23 AT 10/9c on A&E NETWORK.

The mysterious and mystical illusionist Criss Angel has captivated audiences around the world. With season four of the A&E real life series Criss Angel Mindfreak premiering July 23rd, Criss is conjuring up his alluring power over the eye and mind to shock fans once again. With all new illusions and tricks, Criss Angel's feats will seem more impossible than ever before.

To celebrate season four of Criss Angel Mindfreak, you can enter to win a Criss Angel prize pack! The lucky winner will receive a DVD box set of season three of Criss Angel Mindfreak as well as a copy of the book Criss Angel Mindfreak: Secret Revelations!

To enter, comment on this post telling us your favorite Criss Angel Mindfreak creepy moment!

The winner will be selected and notified on Friday, August 1st. Sorry, but U.S. and Canada entrants only can be selected as the winner.

Also don't miss the special LIVE one-hour episode "Building Implosion Escape," on Wednesday, July 30 @ 10 PM ET / 7 PM PT. During this live event Criss Angel will be shackled in a 6-story building in Florida that is loaded with explosives and set to detonate. Angel must attempt to escape the restraints and overcome physical obstacles to make it to a hovering helicopter on the roof before the building implodes in front of the crowd, cameras and viewers at home.

Photo and giveaway courtesy of Electric Artists, Inc.


| 00:59 EDT, 02 Aug, 2008
I loved it when he got ran over by the truck and more than once.He is braveI will give him that one
| 22:33 EDT, 01 Aug, 2008
I loved when he took that girl apart in the park and the top part of her ran away leaving the legs behind. that was awesome!or when he cut himself in half with the giant chainsaw. too freaky.
| 15:43 EDT, 01 Aug, 2008
my favorite: when he walked through the solid glass window...thanks for contest :)
| 13:46 EDT, 01 Aug, 2008
when he impaled himself on that spiky fence, that was sooo freaky~
| 01:42 EDT, 31 Jul, 2008
forgive me, I'm a newbie! That's why I NEED this dvd set!
| 18:05 EDT, 28 Jul, 2008
He is the best!
| 10:31 EDT, 28 Jul, 2008
My favorite was when swallowed a quarter, made it come up through his arm, then cut his wrist and took it out!! So creepy, but you can't take your eyes away from the screen!!
| 02:55 EDT, 28 Jul, 2008
the stunts are crazy, but the most amazing moment ever for me was with girl he dreamed about dating (and then had all the audience members give info about her).
| 19:10 EDT, 27 Jul, 2008
my favorite was when he buried himself alive.. It scared the heck out of me and i got really worried but all in all it turned out to be ok. it was scary but i knew he could be it. i mean come on hes criss angel. Plus hes a really cool person. and i love him...
| 20:20 EDT, 26 Jul, 2008
my favorite stunt, was when he is standing in a desert and later he walks half way across a lake and two girls swim with him and put there hands inder his feet but only hit water, and then he sinks down under the water
| 18:27 EDT, 26 Jul, 2008
the creepiest moment ive ever seen of him was when he went through the wood chopper machinee it was so scary but he turned out fine in the endcriss is an amazing person i love him<3
| 14:25 EDT, 25 Jul, 2008
I found his levitationg above the Luxor Hotel kind of scary and creepy. Please enter me in the contest.
| 13:44 EDT, 25 Jul, 2008
My favorite creepy moment was when Criss levitated over the Lexor hotel. That was by far the best stunt he ever did in my mind. Thanks for a great giveaway!
| 23:16 EDT, 24 Jul, 2008
my creepy moment was when he got hit by a car that was crazy!!
| 05:26 EDT, 24 Jul, 2008
My favorite creepy moment was went he learned to jump with a motorcycle (in one day even!) and disappear in mid-air only to reappear amongst the crowd. However, there was another act that left me in total awe: the one where he gets run over by some kind of bulldozer. That was quite impressive. Although everyone of his tricks are always impressive and always leave me stumped, trying to figure out how he did it!
| 23:44 EDT, 23 Jul, 2008
Criss is such a beautiful person inside and out! He's done so many amazing stunts and illusions but I think the creepiest one, BY FAR, was when he put a live mouse in his mouth and began to chew it! You could hear it crunching and popping and then he swallows it! Then, just to prove that he "really" ate this rodent, he opens his bloody looking mouth and sticks out his tongue...complete with mouse fur on it!! ACCKKK!!
| 00:12 EDT, 22 Jul, 2008
My favorite creepy moment was when he walked around with a mannequin for a whole day saying it was his girlfriend and then she came to life.
| 00:12 EDT, 22 Jul, 2008
One of the craziest tricks Chris Angel does is when he swallows the razor blade. And forces it through his arm and out his forearm.
| 22:03 EDT, 21 Jul, 2008
when he walks on water at the pool at Vegas and also when he cuts the woman in half at the park.
| 02:51 EDT, 21 Jul, 2008
I enjoyed him going through the tree cutter machine........his mother was crying and petrified.......and of course, he came out the other end, unscathed........Go, Chris, Go !!!!!!
| 23:35 EDT, 20 Jul, 2008
My favorite trick is where he eats a quarter and takes a knife and slits his wrist and pulls out the quarter. You see the quarter move through his body and you see blood when he cuts his arm. How sick is that!
| 00:51 EDT, 20 Jul, 2008
when he walked through the solid glass window, that was so cool! i don't know how he did that.
| 20:09 EDT, 19 Jul, 2008
There was a stunt where he appeared to rip a woman in half, right out in the open. Most of his stunts are creepy!
| 22:17 EDT, 18 Jul, 2008
There was one where he laid down on a bunch of broken glass and a cement mixer rolled over him. That was just wrong and creepy.
| 20:07 EDT, 18 Jul, 2008
i loved when he put a blanket over himself and disappeared. must be a camera illusion!
| 15:06 EDT, 18 Jul, 2008
my favorite moment is when he balanced himself on the fence and impaled himself

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