Survivor: Micronesia's Dramatic Finale!

Survivor: Micronesia's 2-hour finale (and 1-hour reunion show) brought much more than fillers to take up that big ol' time block!

The ladies' alliance had a fantastic time cackling back at camp as the finale opened up right as they returned from getting Erik out at tribal. And, yes, they deserved those cackles! Sure, Erik was miffed with them, but it was a genius play, hurt feelings or not.

Luckily, with the women down to four, they only had to pick off one more of their own alliance, so when Amanda won immunity, it was pretty clearly down to Natalie and Cirie for getting voted out, but apparently Amanda, Parvati, and Cirie had all planned to go to the final three together, so Nat it was to go.

Then oh the dramatic, "poetic" conclusion for the final three ladies! As Jeff hinted, they discovered they had one more immunity challenge to go, meaning there was going to be a final two for the vote for the winner instead of a final three.

Dun, dun, dun! When Amanda won the immunity challenge, leaving a very disappointed Cirie, Amanda was the only one who got to vote that night, so she got to chose who she'd take to the final two with her. This was just... so... hard on her!

Amanda was more likable this season than I expected after getting really annoyed with her at the end of Survivor: China, but there's just something about her emotional, crying side that reminded me of why she drove me mad at the end of her previous season!

She was genuine with these feelings of having a hard time choosing who to take, but the way she cries and pouts, ugh. And the jury (minus Ozzy) definitely felt the same way.

Of course, though, Amanda ended up taking her new Survivor bff, Parvati, to the end with her. This seemed partly loyalty and partly believing she had a better chance of winning over Parvati than Cirie.

That's a tough call, though, since Cirie does have more pull on the jury's heartstrings since she has a family, but maybe Amanda's game could have triumphed since Parvati angered a lot of people on the jury, but also made some good connections.

Anyway about it, Amanda and Parvati in the final two was priceless when it came time for the jury to address them! Wow! I don't think we've seen such a fiery final tribal for a long time.

Eliza was not surprisingly angry and stirred up some dirt immediately by telling them who they were and how nasty and fake they both were the whole game.

Erik surprised us as one of the more angry jury members who told Amanda she'd been like a big sister to him whom he'd respected, then he was hugely hurt by the way she attacked him at his last two tribals.

Even James chimed in with some anger at Parv's moves, but let her explain, then when she petered off, he cut her down with a "are you done?" and walked off.

The most amazing speeches of all absolutely went to Ozzy! He told off Parvati, livid with her for her betrayal and making him a complete fool. He even went so far as to tell her she put a price on their friendship and he couldn't believe she could do that to a human being! A human being, Parvati!

Then, after telling Parv not to speak to him, he ended saying the worst was Parv taking away his time with Amanda, whom he turned to and told she's amazing and he's falling in love with her! Ah, amazing!

Finally after all this, we made it to the live finale, where it seemed for sure we'd be seeing Amanda win, but instead it went to Parv, winning by two votes! Amanda was disappointed, but she and Ozzy confirmed they're still together, so love is a pretty good consolation prize!

Definitely an awesome Survivor season! Fans vs. Favorites turned out to be a great idea, though the favs dominated. Now we can look forward to an all new season in Africa that looks pretty amazing too!

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