Top Chef: Tailgating with Da Bears

This season of Top Chef has been packed with Chicago fun from deep dish pizza making to a block party and a zoo party, and now a tailgate party for Da Bears!

Before the chefs got to do work tailgate magic, they hit the quick fire challenge of cooking up a perfect beer pairing snack. Jennifer had a fiery passion to win in honor of Zoi's leaving the night before. Though her commitment to this was a little overdramatic, it made sense due to Spike being a pretty big jerk about it.

Dramatic or not, Jennifer's determination paid off as she took the win and both Spike and Lisa's rival of the previous night, Dale, were in the bottom. Of course, we got some nice camera shots of both these ladies' smug faces when the guys' names were called.

Then the chefs were off for some major tailgating food prep as they each picked a dish they thought hungry beer-loving football fans would love. Once they arrived at the party at a bright and early 10:30 am with plenty of fans ready to chow down, they all chose to use electric grills over the charcoal, except for Mark.

This seemed like a mistake for everyone since charcoal grilling sounds pretty awesome and necessary for a tailgate party, but Mark turned into a complete disaster with his grill and station a complete mess by the time the judges paid him a visit. The other disaster fell to Nikki, who didn't manage to hold on to enough food to serve the judges her complete dish, whoops.

Not a total shocker both of these chefs ended up in the bottom three. The surprise on this one, for him at least, went to Ryan who thought it'd be a great idea to make a poached pear dessert for the football fans. Really, Ryan? You think you can show up at a meat-packed Chicago football tailgate party with your uppity "California flare?"

As for the good news, Stephanie, Antonia, and Dale made the top three, even after Antonia's slight disaster last week and Dale's lack of performance in the quick fire.

I guess Dale being a native Chicagoan Bears fan (really??) paid off! While Dale's a cocky jerk most of the time, he, much like Hung before him, is actually a really good chef. It was a great win for him to get too as he won a personalized Bears jersey some of the chefs probably wouldn't have cared about.

So, back to the judges' table, it looked like Nikki would be the one to go, but instead it was Ryan's California flare that got the ax. The man still went out with a smile on his face and plenty of puffed up pride in his heart, pretty much not getting that he didn't deliver at all in the competition. He claims he'll be cooking differently, so Ryan Scott, best of luck to you Ryan Scott... Ryan Scott... I'm sorry, I lost count of how many times he said his name in his final speech. Guess it was his last ditch promotional effort.

And for the final highlight of the evening: Spike and Mark take a champagne bubble bath together! Yeah, let's not forget about that one! Spike seems like he could be a bit of a jerk, but how can you not love the guy after being so secure in his manhood and new adorable friendship that he'd actually throw around bubbles while teaching the New Zealander to say "Da Bears" properly??

So that's that for this week's Top Chef extravaganza - looks like we have plenty more hot competitive moments and, um, kind of hot hanging at home moments to look forward to!

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Apr 17, 2008 4:29PM EDT

The judging has been bothering me this season; Nikki has slid by far too many times (seriously...she has made mediocre at best...never good) and in earlier weeks I also feel like they kept Zoi around longer than she deserved merely for the sake of some good old lesbian drama.On a high note...I'm still waiting for a woman to win and Stephanie and Antonia are both looking pretty strong!

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