Kendra's TV Hotspots of the Week: Gleek Out! Get the Scoop on Glee, House, Ugly Betty & More

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Gleek OUT!

I'll be watching a lot of TV this week, but there's one show return this week that an enormous gaggle of Gleeks and I have been looking forward to for months: why Glee of course!! Since (almost) all of us here at SideReel adore Glee, we're running a Glee Showdown where you can vote for your favorite touching moment from the first half of the season.

Picking a favorite Glee moment is like picking a favorite child to me, but I'll try to channel my inner Lucille Bluth on this one! From the choices Alex put together for our showdown, I have to go with Kurt coming out to his dad as my top touching moment.

As for the big Glee episode this week, here's what I'm DYING to see more about:

*Will & Emma - what happened after the big fall finale kiss??

*What's up with the promos showing Sue Sylvester in bed with Principal Figgins??

*Will Quinn and Puck get together now that they've been outed?

*What will Quinn do now that she's lost her secret adoption mama?

*Can anyone have a love interest outside of the glee club?

(AKA will Finn just turn to Rachel in his time of Quinn betrayal, or will we see him with a new girl next?)

*It looks like it's time for Kurt to have a boyfriend! Can this go well or will it just result in him needing to wear full rain gear daily for slushie defense?

What are you most excited to see unfold on Glee's big return?

Other TV I'm Psyched For This Week

House - After yet another break, House finally returns Monday night with an all new episode! It looks like a pretty typical episode, but I'm just happy to have Dr. House back in my regular Monday lineup.

Life UneXpected - It's time for the season finale already! It's the big Cate-Ryan wedding, and of course the promos showed the cliche moment of Baze busting into the church during the ceremony. Will this turn into the ultimate showdown in this love triangle, or was that just typical Baze running late for a big event? Or maybe he wasn't invited because of his confusing past with Cate? Can't wait to find out and here's hoping we aren't left with just a huge cliffhanger.

Ugly Betty - Yes, it's time to say goodbye to our beloved Ugly Betty. (Check out our "This Week in TV" video where Rachel tells me I must let go of Betty!) I feel like this one still had another season or two of life left in it, but since it's a show where I've become more attached to the characters finding their way in fictional life than actually getting to watch the show from week to week, I'll be happy enough to say goodbye as long as it leaves us with a satisfying ending. After last week's episode where Betty pulled her head out of the fashion magazine sand, it looks like it's time for her to have some good career revelations which may mean leaving MODE, and surprise, surprise, Henry's going to appear since Betty drunk-called him in London! This is looking like an open window to happiness for Betty, and most of the rest of the characters, so that's all I need!

What are you most excited for this week on TV?

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Apr 12, 2010 8:11PM EDT

Good column, I am so looking forward to seeing Glee. Emma and Will, they make a good couple + looking forward to more good music.Life Unexpected, Finale ? I live in England and did not know that. Base walking in to a church ? Arghh I cant wait to see this.NO mention of Lost this week.
All together a really good exciting column thats making me wait in anticipation.

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Apr 12, 2010 8:38PM EDT

It would be interesting to see a non-Glee kid thrown into the love mix... I'm also excited to see Lea's ex-"Spring Awakening" costar Jonathan Groff in the premiere!

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