Betty's Wait Problem

All is well that ends well... with flan instead of death. Any complaints that Ugly Betty had gotten too dramatic can be put to rest.

The drama over Ignacio's impending doom via the guy he killed who's not dead turned to the scary man demanding not immediate death, but immediate dessert!

I'm glad to see all that worked out though and to have the Suarez family back together with the bonus of Ignacio finding out he's not actually a murderer.

Betty may still have some guilt to deal with since she sold out to Wilhelmina to get her dad home safely, but for now, all dad-related drama is pretty nicely settled.

As for Betty's love life, I really hope they don't make her sway towards Sandwich Boy. Sure he inspired her to get back to her writing, but once he flipped the switch from cute and charming Sandwich Boy to disgruntled employee after Betty accidently got him fired, he became a little too nutso.

I didn't think they were leading to any possibility of romance there, but when Betty lied to Henry about her bow-wrapped sandwich, she looked like she was feeling guilty! But no, Betty! Things are finally going to work out with Henry! That is as long as the paternity test turns in the dentist's favor.

Though I'm wary of the Sandwich Boy, I am glad that he came along for the convenience of reminding Betty to refocus on what she really wants.

It did the trick of confirming for us that Betty will stick around at Mode for a while, making the show still possible and not odd that she's not moving up in the employment world yet, but also did get her moving slowly towards bigger goals which is definitely something her character would do.

So with Daniel walking, Betty writing, and Ignacio home, it looks like just about all is well in the Ugly Betty world... for now.


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