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This week on 90210, Naomi went from interesting to unbearable as she basically took over the Wilson household from freaking out to Annie about Liam, to cutting up Dixon's jeans, and insulting Debbie's cooking.

But the bigger drama meant to come of this Naomi storm was not the expected Liam hitting on Annie moment, though I'm sure that'll come up again, but instead the return of Naomi's sister, who apparently was "away," and has now returned to remind Ethan she was his real first... and she'll never tell.

While Ethan didn't appear otherwise in this episode, that scene was intriguing, not just because we got some dirt on Ethan, but we can also wonder if that could factor into how he's going to end up leaving the show.

But I think we have a lot to see develop still for Ethan, so I'll try to be patient on speculating his leaving! Besides Naomi, the other two stories of the episode were Silver going to her new Catholic school, and Navid telling his parents about Adrianna's pregnancy. (And by telling, I mean letting them see her big belly when she came finally came to dinner.)

While I love Adrianna and Navid, I've been a little turned off to their situation and how they're dealing with it after last week's ridiculous, and as RachelL pointed out in last week's review, very The Secret Life of The American Teenager solution of getting married and keeping the baby. I think it's a great turn to have Adrianna keep the baby and hopefully show the struggles of being a teen mother, but the getting married at 16 making all that easier and better seems far too Secret Life moralistic of 90210.

Thankfully, their bubble got popped by Navid's parents who did exactly as he expected by freaking out then settling into saying they'd help raise the baby... until Navid admitted it wasn't his baby, and all bets were off! Of course, they ended up still not having as much of a struggle as would be realistic as Navid left his family to live with Adrianna and her now understanding mother, and after a spat from Adrianna's honesty about the baby's father, they were back to being engaged.

I still think their baby situation could be interesting and decently portrayed, but I hope they do show more struggles like they're starting to do a little bit.

As for Silver at Catholic school, that fell right into the annoying pot along with Naomi. Silver wanted a new start and to run away from her problems at school, but of course we soon discovered that even the goodie-two-shoes at the Catholic school knew about her video. So Silver admits "her sins" via mass email to the rest of the school... how very ridiculous. I suppose at least it's not just all okay because she ended up feeling worse, but this whole situation is making Silver a very strange character as they seem to not know what to do with her now that they've made her bi-polar. I'm hoping this will lead somewhere better asap.

All in all, this was an alright episode, though I'm feeling skeptical about where a lot of these storylines are going. Hey, at least the Dr Pepper advertising didn't take over this episode... unless I've just become immune! So what do you think? Do these developing storylines have good potential for our characters or are some of them going too far (or not far enough)?

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Apr 30, 2009 6:22AM EDT

i kinda liked the episode , in fact after a long time i feel that the show is heading in for a bigger n better story line.I finally feel excited to watch the upcoming episode!!!

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May 2, 2009 6:55AM EDT

I dont get it whith these beautifull girls, why do the actors have to be so thin?
This is a show, that teens watch and it gives them an example of how a girl should look like.
its incredibly unthoughtfull - no its IRRESPONSIBLE of the writers.
ALL but really ALL of the girls and main female characters are a size 0.
I mean, LOOK at that picture??
WHY?these two characters, many girls will want to be in their shoes,because of all the money and all the fun and the yachts and clothing. They will not see all the negative things of their family situation, and they will ignore that, and will want to look like that.
That woman is astonishing, (left to naomi) she is, but she has the size of a model - a runway model -
writers shouldnt let actors be chosen for roles like that,
that can be associated because of their looks,
with anorexia and anorexia nervosa.

Make them gain a few pounds,since you are playing with teens' selfconfidence about their body here.
this is so serious, since anorexia can lead to DEATH.Plus lifelong struggling of girls because their body will never be like their bodies.
PLEASE insert a medium normal weight female character,and please emphasize onnaomis AND annies thinness.
..., taylor momsen from gossipgirl, is so close to that (anorexic)!but at least she is not being pictured as SO beautifull and gorgious so that she can be seen as a role model. Plus she has to do with fashion and in the future that COULD be a chance to adress that matter. ...

a best friend of mine is an anorexic... and I REALLY REALLY find it GROSE that its not being adressed enough as a subject
AND that writers or casting agents seem to ignore that whole subject.
people are DYING of it and making them selves SICK, they RUIN their lives out of it.
it should be adressed,..

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May 5, 2009 9:38PM EDT

Wow maryblue, that is one of the most off-topic comments I have ever read.

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