A League of Their Own

Oh how bittersweet love can be!

And how things have fallen apart yet bittersweetly worked out on Ugly Betty.

Justin became a car-wreck gangster, while Hilda became an old maid.

Betty was broken-hearted with forbidden love, Alexa confused in so many ways, and Mark was lost in his shallow ways.

But this week, everyone finally got to the heart of the matter.

For Alexa, this meant actually remembering her recent past which threw her for a big loop yet set everything in place at the same time. Will this mean Wilhelmina's evil plan to take down Mode will be destroyed along with Alexa's sweet and loved new self?

Justin and Hilda finally began to come to terms with the reality of Santos' death in unhealthy ways that hit the fan at the end of the episode in the touching way only families like the Suarez family can manage.

This was of course after a little grieving and denial that included Justin trying to be what he thought of as "a real man" Santos-style with leather jackets, booze, making out with girls, and stealing cars. Hilda, on the other hand, switched from being her usual sexy, crazy self to hanging out with the old ladies quilting their dead husband's shirts and talking about good ways to die.

As for Betty and Mark, well, they don't usually find themselves in similar situations, but when Mark discovers he has a little heart under all that Prada and Betty is honest with herself, it looks like their lives aren't so very different after all.

Except that Mark may actually get the chance at a real relationship out of his new and adorable photography boy and Betty can only end up heartbroken after what will could be a beautiful five months with Henry.

But the question is - can Henry really leave Betty? He tried to go with Charlie in the first place when he thought the baby was his, but ended up coming back - without even knowing about Charlie's cheating. But now he feels truly responsible for the child knowing it is for sure his own.

Will his feeling of responsibility trump his love for Betty or will he figure out some sort of compromise that will allow him to be with Betty yet still be a father to the child he has with his cheating ex-girlfriend?

How cruel these show writers are to give us hope for Henry and Betty again... we can only hope something wonderful can come of Betty's romantic gesture that finally got her man... for now!


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