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It was Valentine's Day on The Office this week... hm, perhaps this episode was meant to air a little earlier?

But weird timing or not, "Blood Drive" was a fun enough Office episode to watch anytime. We started out with Michael getting upset with Jim & Pam for being a happy couple when so many people in the office (himself, mostly) were unhappy and single this Vday. Then of course, we moved along to the actual blood drive, where hooray, an adorable new woman for Michael!

"Oh, I can't talk right now, I clam up when I'm really nervous."

"Can I point out to you, you're actually talking a lot right now."

"That's the other thing I do when I get really nervous."

"Oh wow, I feel like a human juice box... Hawaiian blood punch, type Ooo-cean Spray..."

Then right as the woman tells Michael he's cute... Michael: "Oh, I've been so nervous about this, I don't think I ate for three days." And Michael Scott out.

This led to The Office Valentine's Day Cinderella story with Michael finding the woman's glove, and then setting up a "lonely hearts club party" to bring together all the lonely singles out there... in their office park.

Meanwhile Jim and Pam had a very lengthy couples lunch with Phyllis and Bob that went from bowling chat to a very... very disturbing discovery about Phyllis and Bob's mysteriously lengthy bathroom break. Too funny! That'll teach Jim and Pam to think they're the most youthful and interesting lovers in the office!

While I'm really hoping to see some more Michael-Holly at some point, I was very glad to see Michael thinking about moving on as well, though glad he didn't actually get the opportunity to do so since the blood drive woman didn't come to the party.

Though it would've been cute to see him start another romance, we know Holly (Amy Ryan) is slated to guest again on Office, so while it may just be a brief appearance to get closure, I'd rather not see part of that include Michael having someone new quite yet. Plus the lack of this woman appearing led to some really sweet (as sweet as these people can get anyway) bonding and support from the other single employees.

It was really nice to see everyone staying late to wait with Michael showing everyone have hope and support for Michael when they knew he was bummed, but then to work out with everyone, or at least Michael, seeing that it was okay to not have someone at the end of the day as long as you have your friends... aw, super cute!

I thought this episode was a pretty good balance of hilarious and plot movement with the tragically funny love lives of our characters laid out, and also Michael giving Jim and Pam a rough time.

So what did you think? Did you enjoy The Office's return from its brief break or are you hoping to see something better next week?

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Mar 7, 2009 3:38AM EST

I wasn't all that impressed with this episode actually, especially after the long wait and the fact that it is way past valentine's day. Though it was pretty sweet when all the employees waited for Michael.

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Mar 8, 2009 6:41PM EDT

I found it was hilarious, especially the beginning.

"Ok I'm leaving.""Heeeeyyyyyyyyy!"

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