Entourage Premiere: The Boys are Back in Town!

The boys are back! Though we had to wait much longer for the usually summer premiere of Entourage, it was well worth the wait as they hit HBO with a whole bunch of momentum last night!

After the enormous flop of Medellin at Cannes, it looked like Vince and the rest of the guys were going to go through a bit of a slump. I expected some majorly down boys with some funny stuff about being failures, but nothing too exciting.

But instead, we actually got everyone in their prime form, though still definitely hit hard by the failure.

One of the biggest highlights was seeing Ari in ALL his glory entering his office the morning after Roeper tore apart the film. Ari did not only act like his usual asshole self to his employees, but actually turned on them all upon his entry in which Roeper was mentioned what seemed like a thousand times to tell them off royally saying the next person to mention Roeper was going to be fired. And damn it, Lloyd, answer that phone!

Oh Ari, how I've missed you and your whirlwinds of swearing, stress, and terror!

The next greatest moment of the episode was discovering just how much Vince was living up his temporary hideaway in Mexico - we got some incredible shots of the gorgeous surroundings and well, a couple gorgeous shots of just how much and with how many girls Vince was enjoying his time off. The only downside here was having to see how not cute Vince is with a huge beard - thank goodness for the immediate insistence of him shaving - phew!

And hey, Turtle got some too. Nice work finding the mythical island of insanely hot women where there are strangely no other men around.

So it looked like while the boys were taking a major hit, they were also going to come back fighting... but Vince was going to take a little extra convincing. With an offer half on the table, though, the cavalry appeared in the mystic land of women to drag Vince and Turtle back for a meeting asap, which ended up being a bit of a trick just to make another agent jealous!

But at least it got Vince going and now he's rearin' to go to prove he's not done for after his disastrous role.

So the boys are indeed back and with such a strong premiere episode, I'm looking forward to an excellent, high-energy, and fun new season!

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Sep 8, 2008 4:17PM EDT

"And hey, Turtle got some too." - This was the source of my favorite line from the episode from Drama - "It's vacation pussy; anyone can get vacation pussy."I also totally enjoyed the premiere!!Was happy to see Rex Lee (Lloyd) in the opening credits for what I believe was the first time. That guy always steals the show (well...the Ari/Loyd duo)!

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Sep 17, 2008 10:30AM EDT

I don't understand why E is getting some much grief for medellin, when in all actuality it was Billy Walsh's fault for being the incredibly difficult and overrated director that completely destroyed, what should have been an amazing movie. E and Vince should have never made the stupid decision in making Medellin for only $35 million when every other MAJOR movie studio was going to make it at double that $35 million price. And in the new season, why haven't we figured out what happened to Billy Walsh and the movie "Silo"? This new season is starting off a little slow and if it HAD explained EVERY aspect of season 4, then I would be alright with its slow pace, but it has not. And that's why this season is starting to look like the bomb of a movie, Medellin as Rober said in the opening credits of the first episode of season 5, slow and drawn out! Come on Entourage! I hope you start explaining things and picking up the pace!

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