Four Months Ago: The Man Behind the Wall

On Heroes last night, we learned, well, just about everything. As Heroes went back four months, we found out what happened after the Season 1 finale left off.

We found out what happened when Peter and Nathan shot into the sky, how Peter met Adam, what the deal is with Elle's character, what really happened to D.L. and all that juicy info we were dying to know!

It was very cool to see what happened to Peter and Nathan and finally see how on earth Peter got in that crate in Ireland and Nathan had the scars, but what was not so cool was how D.L. actually died.

Sure, he was kind of saving Niki which led her to The Company which made all the events of the future possible, but it was pretty ridiculous.

It was a decent twist to show D.L. not dead from getting shot in the finale, but just to get shot a little later by some random guy who he made angry in a bar? That's a little annoying.

On the more intriguing side of things, we saw last week that Suresh's blood couldn't cure the virus, which is a pretty huge deal and would be assumed to partly lead to that future in 2008 where Peter discovered the Shanti Virus had spread and killed tons of people.

But now we find that Adam is not only in pretty good shape after 400 years, but his blood can heal. Does this mean his blood is the cure to the Shanti Virus?

I'm sure there's more to see about how Peter and Adam carry on together, but it seems like Peter really believes in the past and present that Adam is helpful and doing good things... so do we believe Peter or The Company here?

It's hard to jump to saying Peter's wrong, but Adam doesn't seem particularly honorable.

As for Elle, she's a little tricky as well. I'm pretty sure she was just put in to drum up the male-viewership with her intriguing powers, little shirts, and oh-so-naughty ways, but her power sure is fun.

But we certainly see why she was looking for Peter... there's no vengeance like that of a jilted woman. Look out Peter, you may have a scary villain by your side, but the storm's still comin' to getcha!


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