Chuck Versus the Truth: Breakin' Hearts across... the Buy More

On Chuck, we've all been waiting for Chuck to use his new-found confidence to get up the guts to just kiss Sarah already!

And it looked like last night was his chance. But what did he do instead?

He asked her for the truth about if they were ever going somewhere for real... while she was on truth serum - oh so clever!

Unfortunately for Chuck though, this led not to the awaited kiss, but to him fake breaking up their fake cover-up relationship for none other than Sandwich Girl (better known to fans of The O.C. as Summer).

What's with shows lately, by the way, having the relationship-interloper being a sandwich maker? Between Chuck and Ugly Betty, we have two sandwich-making fake relationship troublemakers on our hands.

But you can't blame Chuck, really, for liking Sandwich Girl Lou, but wouldn't he think for a second that in all Sarah's spy training she just may have picked up a little something like trained immunity to truth serum?

Come on now, Chuck! No wonder Bryce didn't think you could handle the CIA.

It looks like for now the Chuck and Sarah relationship is being pushed back even more when it comes to making it real, but it looks like Chuck "dumping" her is going to give Sarah a little reality check about how she really feels under all those lies, the fake identity, and her past relationship with the guy who didn't really betray Chuck after all.


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