The Bachelor's in love, but the dumped women tell all!

I'm sorry, were there grown women on last night's The Bachelor's Women Tell All?

Or was that a group of junior high schoolers posing as the bachelorettes?

Even grown women get catty, but I'd think that though the women got tense in the house, they'd watch the show and be a bit embarrassed.

Maybe that they are 24... or 32... and still acting like they're 15.

But hey, that's coming from someone who's never had long nails or 24 other women to fight off of her hot, sexy, southern man.

What we learned from last night's episode is not just that grown women are not only not embarrassed by their immature actions on TV, but they'd prefer to come on TV again to make things worse with the other grown women they hated.

What we also learned is that Brad is still hot, he's now happily in love (ha!), and Hillary's still awesome. I don't care how many times he tells her or how many tattoos Brad gets to show her they're just friends, he totally likes her - he's just scared of her, um, healthy sexual appetite!


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